By Funmilola Olomya

With the high rate of sepation and especiy in the entertnment , we k for sure that and affluence is not and doom.

Mri is a decision. It simply means ’re promising to spend r with just one person forever. It’s certnly not something to be taken ly, and when utter those “I do,” better be ready.

While it seem like almost a lot of couples have ed mris, many famous couples e enjoying hy mris.

e 12 of some of ’s famous couples who have hy mris, some of which eperienced gossips and e still together.

1. Richd and Jumobi Mofe ijo:

Mried for 19 yes, Ace , Richd Mofe ijo and former Independent (T) presenter, Jumobi Adegbesan e still waing strong and remn dedicated to their mri despite rumours of infidelity. RMD mried Jumobi in 2000, after the of his wife. They e proud pents of five ren.

2. Iretiola and Patrick Doyle:

Ireti Doyle has been mried for over 20 yes to ace broadcaster, veteran and , Patrick Doyle. Despite several rumours about a breakup, the couple chose to committed to each .

3. Tunde and Wunmi Obe:

Tunde and Wunmi Obe, aka TWO, have been hily mried for over 18 yes. They met and began their ceer as undergraduates in the 90s. The couple also featu in skits for ‘The Chley Boy Show’ in the 90s. The veteran ian and of 3 revealed he mried a woman who supports his plans and also s to make good decisions for the future.

4. Omotola and Ekeinde:

sweethet, Omotola has been mried to her hubby, Ekeinde for 20 blissful yes and counting. The couple’s mri is an enviable one and they have over the yes mand to be -free. They e blessed with four beautiful ren.

5. and Silva:

Unguably ’s est power couple. The duo who e proud grandpents have spent over 30 yes of their lives together as a mried couple. Despite going through some rough s together, losing a and more, they both remn strong and according to them, the fuel keeping their is , and trust.

6. Omoni and Oboli:

Mried for over fifteen yes and blessed with three handsome ng men, the Obolis undoubtedly have an enviable . They have fully been able to balance their individual ceers, and and e just an epitome of a perfect . The couple who could pass for e very much into each that they do litery everything together.

7. Norbert and Gloria ng:

One of ’s couples, the ngs, have been mried for over 15 yes. They e proud pents of three beautiful . Despite several rumours, the couple has stood the of and is still going strong.

8. Emelia and Ramsey Nouah:

Awd-winning , Ramsey Nouah has been mried to Emelia -Nouah for over a decade and they e blessed with three .

9. Ruth and Odunlade Adekola:

st , Odunlade Adekola is hily mried to his sweethet, Ruth. She is a committed member and the prayer wrior of the . They have been mried over 15 yes and e blessed with four boys.

10. Mide Mtins and Afeez Abiodun:

diva and of late Funmi Mtins, Mide Mtins, has been mried to her beau, Afeez Abiodun Owo who is also an for over 13 yes, and their union is blessed with two girls

11. Razak Olayiwola and Moji Afolayan:

Razak Olayiwola widely refer to as Ojopagogo by fans of is mried to Moji Afolayan, one of the s of late Ade Afolayan, Ade . The couple met on over a decade ago and has since been mried.

12. day Omobolanle and Peju Ogunmola:

day Omobolanle aka Papi Luwe, a rened comic , playwright, and and his wife, Peju Ogunmola, also an have been together for over 3 decades and still counting. Though, not many e awe that Aluwe was a polygamist as Peju Ogunmola is the only kn face among them. Aluwe’s wife is the m of kanmi and she died a ago, precisely in the ye 2006.

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