, ()Nineteen pregnant teens and were d as n busted a suspected trafficking ring to sell , a t on Monday.

Two accused of operating s w the victims were found have been rested on suspicion of , and investigators e rching for a suspect in the case, Bala Elkana sd.
Four ren also were freed in the rd, sd. The captors also e accused of to sell these ren; investigators still e trying to determine w these ren came from, sd.
    The two rested suspects still were in custody Monday.
    The pregnant teens and e from different pts of the country. Some sd their traffickers kidned them, while s sd they were lu to the by the traffickers who promised them domestic , Elkana sd.
    sd some of the victims were persuaded by their traffickers to sell their .
    “Some were t that t is a place w e s and they came voluntily. Some were promised that turned out to be fake when they got to the , and the (traffickers) forced them to , ” Elkana t .
    According to , the traffickers were for 500,000 nra (ound $1,378) and fe for 300,000 nra ($827).
      sd the d victims be handed over to ’s anti-trafficking ncy and relevant authorities for .
      Authorities in regully bust -trafficking rings, commonly ced “ ories.” Last ye, the sd more than 162 children were d in several rds on illegal orphans in the .

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