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think of expanding your , suddenly one idea sparks in your and that is none than the and you want to adapt it since you want your business to excel and you don’t want a single stone to remain unturned for the sake of your

But after getting a you realize that it is turning out to be a hard task for you to retain users.

When the question of app’s success comes the very segment which describes the success of a mobile app is the number of active users on your mobile app, and something which takes this journey one ahead is the app retention on your mobile app. 

Push notifications can be a for the user retention, but only if you decided to proceed with certain tactics, which are mentioned herewith in this blog. ’s read ahead and experience the difference

App retention is one of the greatest concerns every app has to deal with and needs to find out the best ways out of it in order to make your app survive the app chaos elegantly. 

Indeed are certain aspects which must be integrated into the app during the app development process, so the app can in the requirements of the business and falls as an absolute for the users’ expectations as well.

But with so many features, functionalities, it gets more confusing for the app owners to pick the right strategy for the mobile app, which can the mobile app from getting doomed, so to avoid the cloud of confusion, we have brought this post today, which clearly speaks that how a simple feature in your app, can your mobile app to survive the of the app retention…this feature is none other than the Push Notification.

Motivates users to buy

When a customer plans to buy something from your app, but adds them in the cart and forgets to buy the , in such scenario when you send a push notification reminder to your targeted audience so they can complete their purchase.

So with a help of simple push notification, you trigger your audience and help them to hooked to your services only.

Offers personalized notification

Your users have a different choices, and the different demand from the users, often the users to visit the competitor’s mobile app, since they feel the existing app doesn’t have anything to serve them, so with a push notification you can easily eradicate this possibility by continuously updating your users, about any feature or the update which would suit their taste.

With this, you would help your users to stay engaged with your mobile app only and you can experience a much-engaging user experience.

Works on users’

When you in the morning, and find a notification on your mobile app, telling you the forecast, you would definitely feel touched and would start to notice the app. 

This same strategy is integrated by as well, wherein on opening the app or the web page in the morning, you are notified by a beautiful , which states, Hi XXX, today weather remain clear in , you can enjoy the sunshine!!!, these small notifications which stay on top of your mobile app, keep reminding the users to about your app.

the question comes, that how to make the push notification a successful strategy???

Unfortunately push notification can be a deal-breaker or the maker for your app if you skip following the rules. The rules are quite simple and state:

Keep the simple

When you decide to proceed further with the push notification then you must that your users don’t have much to understand and on your notification, so the very strategy suggests, that more your content would be simple, more it would be preferred by the users. So keep the notification content simple yet engaging with some , like ‘ the deal’ or ‘ (name) you should not miss this deal’, by integrating the like this, you would allow your users to use your app.

Push platform

The selection of the right platform to send the push platform is also mandatory for the successful push notification strategy. There are many push in the market, such as PushWoosh and Parse to name a few, but you need to pick the most appropriate option as per your business needs.

Notifications must have the frequency

You need to understand a very common and most significant , that every user has a personal as well, and you cannot disturb it with your push , so you need to understand that your push notification must not turn out to be an irritating factor for your mobile app, so by keeping this in mind you must set a frequency of your push .

on/off option

When it comes to push notification, the more you allow your users to use it as per their convenience they would prefer to use it further. To make this happen, you must let the On/Off option in your mobile app, which would allow the users to set the notification-receiving as per their convenience.

Indeed can help your mobile app to retain the users, but only if it is planned and managed with the right strategies to yield the best result out of it and can help you to make your app development a cherishing experience for your business goals.

Also, one another fact which equally matters in the success of a mobile app, and cannot be given a miss at any given cost, is the selection of the right mobile app development for your app.

I know there are many app development in the app development market, and which keep on confusing you further, but you need to be sure of picking a right app development , which has the impressive technical experience and the technical exposure to handle your app requirements effortlessly.

If you are finding it hard to find such company for your app concept, then you must get in touch with experienced app builder such as Techugo, which has every bit of these requirements coupled with the renowned clientele , and help your app to grow immensely.

Jason is a senior developer in Australia. He holds expertise in latest and advanced technologies, and ensures to integrate his into the mobile app development process.

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