Virgin Orbit is dropping s out of a 747, is ing up the , and a could make the middle t tolerable. ’s the s need to k, in two minutes or less.

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Virgin Orbit just dropped a rocket from a 747

Why launch s from the ground, when could launch them with a stt from a ? That’s the behind Virgin Orbit’s plan to uce the cost of getting into by stting the launch from 35,000 feet. Today’s focused on the ’s free f when released from a gutted 747, one of the final big s before Richd Branson’s r-launch sy opens for business.

announces the Switch Lite

A smer, cheaper version of the , but what if it no er connects to the ? If it can’t , is it truly a ? That question looms for potential buyers of Nintendo’s latest offering, the Lite. It’s er, has a er , and cost just $200, but unlike its multi-mode pecessor only s as a handheld sy.

Cocktl Conversation

Getting stuck in the middle t is one of the worst pts of r . But an outfit ced Molon Labe has a potential solution: lowering the middle t two inches, and nudging it three inches back. While it doesn’t leg room, it does solve the elbow-w for the mrest, and gives more room for r re end, too. “ s,” says the . “We’re trying to make it suck less.”

WI Recommends: Which MacBook should you actually buy?

After yesterday’s updates to Apple’s laptop lineup, the question is: Which MacBook is best for ? WI put together a buying guide so can figure out which one best suits r needs.

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