Our wedding vendor, B.z has just shed the detled wedding album of ly wed couple, and Ugo’s with us.

can’t but f in with the Zanzib destination wedding.

and Ugo’s :

We met at . We were , because the circumstances at the did not ow us to be more; in I remember saying to my that we could never date. Alas, we e!

Choosing to do with Ugo was one of my easier decisions, because he’s made it so ne perfect. He is very intentional and deliberate about me, us, and making sure we e in a good place. When he asked me to mry him during an intimate on the second day of last ye, I answe without any hesitation. I’m sure he k I would say because we had previously talked about our future, but he was still so nervous and it was the st thing!

Selecting the beautiful of Zanzib as our location was more about the kind of ceremony we wanted, than it was about having a destination wedding (although my says I’d been saying I wanted a destination wedding since I was a , lol!). We wanted an intimate ceremony and didn’t think we could achieve that () without offending too many . Ugo was fully s on the idea, so much so that when somew in the middle of I wanted to give up on the idea, he insisted on going a because it was what I rey wanted.

Our families were super supportive throughout the entire process as well. I got mried to the man of my , at the ceremony of my . I’m so grateful to , without whom none of it would have been possible, and super ecited to eperience the of journeying through with Ugo.



second day of Christmas
Traditional wedding:

white wedding:

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