Afrobeat can never die like reggae or makossa – Godfrey Eguakun

By Onikoyi

The big boss at Monkey Records, popularly known as MMH Records and TRONIQ Incorporation, Godfrey Eguakun has given an on the future of Afrobeat genre of , stating emphatically that the genre cannot suffer the same fate as reggae or Makossa which had a spell of reign then died out.All

“Reggae music was from the 60s, got really big in the 70s and 80s, which was before me or when I was a . What I do know about it is the that it was a widely perceived as of the oppressed, addressing and economic injustice. At the , ’s some sort of musicianship needed as a reggae /.

They can actually hold keys and sing, maybe play instruments… today, that has been replaced with . Makossa on the hand was a feel good music but was arguably one dimensional. Afrobeat, Afropop, Afrofusion, Afro- or whatever we want to call it is relatively and we don’t quite know it in its entirety, so I think it is too to if afrobeats die or not, but one thing we have learnt about afrobeats so far is its ability to adapt to other genres of music and create something novel, create genres that in fact don’t exist as far as our prior of music goes.

We have seen this play out in several cross collaborations of some of the biggest afrobeat . So, the question I think should be if afrobeat will into unknown and novel genre, and how this transition, or this will take. But in the sense of “”, that is not happening anytime soon,” he said when asked about the future of Afrobeat in a with Potpourri.

Eguakun who has two notable artistes, Akaycentric and Kreatunez signed to his MMH and Oxlade to the TRONIQ label also took a at the , identifying the legal framework of the country as the impediment to its .

Geofrey Eduakun is an State indigene, born in and currently lives in the . He’s a Mechanical by day working on jet engine designs and and a by night, managing and multiple businesses.

His Monkey Media House Records is an indie Record Label founded in 2017. Outside making and records, he does Talent Development, , Artiste Promotions/Media Management and distribution. His TRONIQ Inc on the other hand was founded in mid 2019, it’s a indie recording , shaped around traditional .

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