In global pop culture, Africa is the new cool, and happens to be the coolest kid in the family tree – courtesy of our contemporary mic.

In the words of n , Reminisce, “they are coming for the rest of ”. The world is coming for n mic. n urban mic has ‘blown’ – this can be proven by the numero laudable feats that our micians have attained in the past years, as well as growing interest from foreign record companies who are now opening offices in and signing local acts. What has however, followed the meteoric rise of our mic is a biting case of identity crisis.

The term ‘AFROBEATS’ is the label that has been placed on contemporary African mic by international . The term which is an adaptation of the revered Afrobeat genre that was created by late African mic legend; Fela Anikulapo Kuti was said to have been coined by a -based Ghanaian DJ Abrantee, to serve as an umbrella identity for contemporary African mic.

This label has since grown wings of its own to become the prime identity of contemporary African mic – so much that African s have also been referred to as “Afrobeats artistes”. Over the years, many have argued that jt like pop mic, contemporary African mic is influenced by an array of global and local sounds, therefore our popular mic should be referred to as simply ‘pop mic’ jt as is done with Beyonce’s who is n, or One Direction from the .

Considering that not all ns have welcomed the “Afrobeats” tag, regular debates continue to rage about the merits and demerits of accepting the label. What are the actual downsides to the Afrobeats tag? Has it done more good than harm? What threat does the Afrobeats label pose? Does it by any means preserve or damage the legacy of Fela Kuti?

These and many more are the questions that MTV Base seeks to answer with the new episode of the MTV Base Micology.

Hosted by VJ Ehiz, the new episode gathers key stakeholders and practitioners in the mic indtry to share insight on the Afrobeat vs Afrobeats debate, analysing the upside, downside and how to fix the issues..

This episode’s panel is made up of singers; , Omawumi, Black Magic, veteran , Olisa Adibua and celebrated DJ Xclive.

Watch Micology on Thursday, 26th July at 8 PM on MTV Base.

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