…says ‘I can’t cater for four ren alone’

Rents of Ogunfeyinmi , Town in Oriade Local Council Development ea of , have been plunged into mourning following the killing of a father of four, Mr. Godwin Gregory, egedly by naval personnel.

Godwin, a ian, was egedly shot by naval s chasing some suspected in the ea. Godwin had been on the for over nine yes. It was t he met his wife, mried her and had four s.

Godwin lived with his wife and their four s in a single room aptment on the .

His distraught widow, Mrs. Bose Gregory, described her husband’s as quite shocking and traumatising.

Bose, a full wife, wept profusely.

“How do I cater for these four ren? Since my husband died, we have been living from hand to mouth. We have been begging from and my members to survive. Our ren have dropped out of ,” she sd.

Bose sd Godwin was shot on . On that fateful day, she was doing some laundries, while Godwin was in the aptment, doing . Their second then came , saying that she was hungry. Bose begged her husband to prepe for the ren since she was still busy with the laundries.

She sd: “My husband stood up from w he was sitting and went with my to buy palm and kerosene. My husband gave the palm and the kerosene to my to take . When my came , I inqui about her father. She sd he was discussing with someone. A few minutes later, I hed gunshots. I imtely grabbed my ren and rushed into our aptment for ty. I was still in when I hed a loud noise from out. Someone was shouting that Godwin had been shot.”

When Bose hed that her husband had been shot, she rushed out in panic and asked to be taken to the scene of the incident. She sd that her het pounded in fe as she walked to the scene in something of a trance.

Bose added: “Before we got to the scene, a crowd had gatd. I saw my husband; he had been shot. He was on the ground, bleeding. I asked him what hened, he sd that some naval personnel shot him because he refused to run, while they were . He sd that ran, but he didn’t. They then shot him. My husband sd he t them the of never crossed his because he had not committed any . The naval personnel t my husband to c his members to take him to . They t him that it would be difficult for him to survive judging from the spot that the bullet hit him. At that point in his nration, my husband ted , begging that we should take him to .”

ths and elders in the mobilised, hi a speedboat and rushed Godwin to the mnland. He was taken to a private at Oto-Awori ea, w the bullets were etred from his leg.

“While at the , he was in continuous pns. I came on Thursday to take e of my ren. While at , I ced and spoke with him, to k about his . We were still talking when he ted , begging me to take e of our ren, that he didn’t want to die. He was then refer to Badagry . He died while being moved to the . This is not the naval s would come into the to t shooting indiscriminately,” Bose sd.

A rent on the , Mr. Kazeen Olalekan, who witnessed the incident, described Godwin’s as unfortunate.

He sd: “On the fateful day of the incident, he and I played a of Ludo together. After the , he left, saying that he was going to attend to his ren. Some hours after he had gone , I also left for my .

“I was close to my when I saw four naval personnel and two in mufti. They were chasing some . I quickly moved and hide in the bush. It was from my hiding that I hed gunshots. I k someone had been shot. When I peeped, I saw the naval personnel talking to Godwin; they were asking him w the bullet hit him. Godwin rsed his shirt and showed them w the bullet got him. I hed one of the naval personnel telling him to c his members to take him to for .

“After that, the naval men abandoned him. I came out of my hideout and rushed to him. We then got a speedboat to take him to the mnland. Before we were able to get the speedboat, 30 minutes had gone. Godwin spent nine traumatising days in that before he died. He died on the ninth day.

“I was with him at the ; it was one of our ers that pd his bills. I don’t k how the ren and his widow would cope. we want is justice for him and his members.”

Olalekan added that after Godwin was confirmed dead, members deposited his remns at the Badagry Mortuy and went on to paste his , cing on anyone that recognised him to alert them or his members.

He sd: “Since he had been on the , we had not seen or met any member of his . The only person we k with him is his wife and ren. Anyone who ks his should alert them about his or alert us.”

A 78-ye- woman, Mrs. Janet Adekanbi, sd that Godwin was very close to her and that she felt his more than most . She eplned that on that fateful day that Godwin was killed, he had visited her shop to play a of Ludo with her. While they were playing, his ren came to c him, that he should come and prepe for them. He left.

She sd: “Imtely he left, I went in the room to . I was still when my grand came to wake me, screaming that Godwin had been shot. I hurriedly stood up from w I . Godwin was a nice person. I k him before he got mried. Since he had been in this , none of us k his relatives. He used to tell us that his m was an indigene of , while his father is from , Cross River. Whenever his wife gave , we e the ones who used to mk the naming ceremony for him. In , even his church members have not come to pay condolence visit. We’re in a dilemma. His members need to him.” 

Godwin’s landlady, Mrs. Morayo iwayo, t our correspondent that the deceased was a gentleman to the .

She sd: “When he was shot, everyone tried to save his . I don’t understand why those naval men decided to shoot and kill the ng man. Godwin should not die in vn. Those that shot and killed him should be fished out.”

The of Ogunfeyinmi , Mr. Wole Olufeyinmi, disclosed that the thing members of the did was to report the matter to Ilashe Post, under Alakija Station, in order to prevent breakdown of and order.

He sd: “We tried our best to save his . We took him to the , but he died. What we e demanding is justice for him and the he left behind. We e ealing to the -General of , Muhammed Au, to launch and find his killers.

“As I speak with , t’s tension in the . Many rents have moved out of the because of the naval and their reckless . We don’t k ely w the naval men were coming from on that day. We e also ealing to the deceased’s members to come so as to give him a proper burial.”

When conted on the phone, the Western Naval Command , Lieutenant Og Otuji, sd the should write to the ropriate authority for proper on the issue.

He sd: “We cannot identify those who committed the because t e a lot of impersonators everyw . But with the petition to , proper would be conducted on the matter.”

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