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Big Br being aed is “not a loss” because it was going in an “awful direction”, says one former winner.

Brian Belo, who won eight, believes the “definitely needs a break” from the show.

“The direction they were going in was so salacious that the true fans of Big Br couldn’t be with the show anymore,” Brian t beat.

Channel 5, which announced on Friday the current series would be the last, sd it didn’t wish to comment.

Big Br ea on s in 2000 and was initiy a for Channel 4.

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caption This Morning presenter Alison was on three of Big Br

Several former contestants went on to become famous names – including the likes of and This Morning presenter Alison .

But it ed to hang onto audience figures when Channel 5 took it over in 2011.

Brian says Big Br was a “ ” and original fans d this.

, he says Channel 5 was trying to ease the “ er” so he thinks it’s “absolutely brilliant” it’s coming to an end.

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caption sleyne Horgan-Wace says being on Big Br ed her buy a

sleyne Horgan-Wace, who was on the seventh of the show, describes Big Br as a “national treasure”.

But she says it went from being a to a “stepping stone to fame”.

can c me a hypocrite because I still in the off the back of being in Big Br but that was genuinely never the I went in .

“I wanted to see what it was like to test myself and live in that .

“I think it was more of an organic show back then and didn’t crave fame or k it was going to come.

“So they were more real. go in with an nda.”

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caption E-Corrie Thomas won the final of Celebrity Big Br which finished on Monday

sleyne t beat she was “devastated” to he it was being aed and we wouldn’t have shows like Island or TOWIE if it wasn’t for Big Br.

She believes the show might make a comeback on an channel.

“It paved the way for every single show.

en, we’re the originators of this, can’t get rid of us. We’re forever.”

In a statement, Endemol – which makes Big Br – sd it was “disointed not to reach an agreement with Channel 5” over the future of the show.

The ion did hint that it might not be the end entirely as it added “the decision opens up a chapter and we e ecited about future possibilities for Big Br in the ”.

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