Leke James wheels away after his goal on his Molde debut Thursday

Leke James has told ng the birth of his daughter was one of the things that drove him when he was down with a career-threatening injury for over a year.

However, the Molde FK striker said he is grateful to Ole Gunner Solkjaer for helping him regain his confidence.

The full interview:

SCORENIGERIA: How was it for you not to play for over a year?

LEKE JAMES: It wasn’t funny I did not play for over a year. It was a tough and frtrating time for me.

What was going through your mind when you were seeing your mates on the pitch and you were not?

I was sad I could not join my mates while they were on the pitch becae it’s my job and always want to be on the pitch to contribute my quota.

What was your great motivation while you were recovering from the injury?

My family was my main motivation especially my newly-born daughter during my recovery period. Her coming into the family gave me joy and motivate me even more.

You signed the Molde FK contract while you are yet to fully recover from the injury, what can you say of this?

Yes, I signed for Molde FK while I was yet to be fully fit. The club approached me becae they believe in my ability and they know what I can do having played in previoly. They believe I could bring more energy to the group, so they were ready to wait for me to be fully fit.

God has been faithful, I had about seven offers while still in rehab, normally clubs won’t want to take or approach a who is still out injured, but my case was dferent. To God be the glory!

How will you describe your at Molde, what did he do to contribute to your return to action?

The is a nice man, he really wanted me to join the and strongly believes in my potentials. He gave me enough time to recover fully and helped me to build back my confidence gradually.

You started for Molde in a UEFA Europa League qualier with a goal, what does that mean to you?

Yes, it was my first for Molde FK and also my first after the injury and I happen to be on the scoresheet. It was an emotional day for me.

What do you have to tell your fans?

I want to tell my fans out there that I love them, I appreciate them and thank them for supporting me all through. I’m ready to put in more work to always make them happy.

By Olola Alao

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