Boris Johnson


, () has emerged as the of the after a leadership contest and could prove to be as divisive a figure in as is in the .

Around the , Johnson, Britain’s gaffe-prone former ,has in the past caused raised eyebrows and with his outspoken comments.
But it is in , in particular, that he has shocked many with considered to be and offensive.
Johnson, who was a member of the Parliament at the he made some of these comments in 2002, apologized while on the campaign trail for the mayoral in 2008.
Johnson said at the time that he “loathed and despised,” as he stood for elections in one of the most multicultural in the world.
“I do feel very that have been so offended by these and I’m that I’ve caused this offence,” he was quoted as saying in a local media report at the time.
are some of Johnson’s comments about Africa.

‘The big white

Johnson made the remarks in an outlandish 2002 Daily Telegraph , where few people were spared.

‘Not in charge anymore’

What Boris Johnson has to say about Africa - CNN
In a Spectator 2002 column titled, ‘Africa is a mess, but we can’t blame ,’ he wrote: “It is just not convincing, 40 years on, to blame Africa’s problems on the ‘lines on the map’, the arbitrary boundary-making of the men in sola topis.”

‘Aids-ridden choristers’

Writing in the same 2002 Spectator article, he also described meeting some young with AIDS who performed a welcome song for Johnson and his group. He has come under for his insensitive description of the children.

‘Flag waving piccaninnies’

Writing in his column in the Daily Telegraph on former British Tony Blair’s visits around the world, he used the term “piccaninnies,” which is a racist term used to describe children.

‘Ancestral dislike’

What Boris Johnson has to say about Africa - CNN
Johnson wrote a column in the British Sun newspaper in 2016 questioning why former President removed a bust of Winston from the Oval Office and attributed it to his “ancestral dislike.” The administration was forced to write a blog post to address several rumors circulating about the bust’s removal.

‘The bicycle

With his unruly mop of white-blond and bumbling , Boris Johnson is not exactly a forgettable figure.
But ’s President struggled to recall his name during a joint conference with British Prime Minister Theresa in last year.
His went blank as he struggled to recall the former foreign ’s name. He then referred to Johnson as “the bicycle guy.”
Because of their combative , May could be forgiven for indulging in a of schadenfreude: Johnson had been one of her fiercest political rivals and he resigned from her Cabinet over disagreements over her strategy.
As he embarks on a post-Brexit world where shoring up interests with Commonwealth be paramount, Britain’s next Prime Minister appears to have his out for him in impressing leaders.

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