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’s nightlife scene is legendary, from live gigs on-board Thekla to the award-winning Motion.

, ’s always an interesting array of experiences when it comes to nights out and not everyone will walk away .

Some brutally honest reviews on and TripAdvisor provide an into the highs and lows of partying at some of the ’s most iconic venues.


Motion is one of the ’s best nightclubs in the and has received hundreds of positives reviews from ravers on Facebook.

However, despite being named the best large club in the UK  in December last year, not everyone agreed it was a five- experience.

are some brutally honest reactions to a night out at the venue:

1. “What a venue. system was crazy and vibe was nuts.”

2. “The toilets were disgusting, but the was very good.”

3. “ venue with fabulous staff! Toilets need a bit more .”

4. “Terribly crowded and ridiculously hot.”

5. “The main room was so packed and so unbearably hot it was like being in a sauna. The were cool.”

6. “The bar ran out of Vodka by 8pm.”

7. “Great sound system and a really good crowd – no weirdos bumbling around.”


Lakota is one of the city’s most legendary venues and has attracted mostly reviews on both Facebook and TripAdvisor.

For some, is a ‘Bristol institution’ with plenty of character while others have taken issue with the sound quality and ‘grim’ toilets.

Here’s a at what have said:

8. “This club is a Bristol institution. If you like underground electronic , and you like it loud and clear, this is one of the to to.”

9. “It’s got character. Not the cleanest of places but when you are having fun and vibing with the goers you’ll be having the of your !”

10. “The sound quality was rubbish and it was far too loud. Don’t go there without ear plugs.”

11. “Cheap by club standards but the toilets pretty grim at the best of times.”

12. “Waited 20 minutes for one can of Stella. Twice in the same night.”

13. “Had a better night at the Domino’s up the street.”


Not many can say they have a nightclub on a boat which is considered one of the country’s most iconic venues.

Thekla is well-known in Bristol as a venue for live gigs and has won multiple over the years.

With that in , it’s no surprise that the majority of reviews are hugely positive – despite the occasional complaint about sticky floors.

14. “The best, and most unusual, music venue in Bristol.”

15. “Great venue, good bar, nice and sweaty too, everything a great live music venue should have.”

16. “Great little venue, so much less damp and disgusting than 30 years ago.”

17. “If you want to get started on by a fresher and listen to cheesy music and pay stupid then here’s the club for you.”

18. “The venue had a ridiculously sticky floor, so it was absolutely impossible to jig around.”

Pryzm is one of the nightclubs in Bristol and hosts featuring some of the biggest .

According to its website, the club offers a combination of “excitement, , elegance and opulence”.

Despite the mostly positive reviews, it’s fair to say not everyone agrees.

19. “Went there yesterday for night. It was a disappointment, only laughed three times night –  my own jokes were better.”

20. “Great music and atmosphere – great value for what you pay to get in.”

21. “My gran has more up to date carpets!”

22. “Could barely walk anywhere without being barged into.”

23. “When you go in straight away my were sticking to the carpets…. why even have carpet in a club anyway?”

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