-maker clms she was denied access to Mch du , then t to pay fee for and wt two days for it to be processed

Cannes festival

The Cannes film festival has been criticised for its of ms and after a fe clmed she and her were prevented from entering the .

British director Greta Bellamacina, whose Hurt By Paradise is in the mket section of the festival, sd the festival had ed an outrous attitude after she attempted to enter the festival with her four-month son.

Im outrd at the absurdity of this backwds attitude, Bellamacina sd in a statement. As if fe -makers needed further obstacles to in our industry.

According to Bellamacina, the festival initiy refused her entry to the site. After much stressful she and her were owed into the accitation ea, though she was t that her buggy would have to be sent through a different entrance. Bellamacina was then t that her would require a delegates pass, costing 300 (260). After she offe to pay the fee, she was t that it would take 48 hours to process her request and was asked to leave the site.

The incident comes in the wake of the of a initiative, announced by the Cannes film festival and March du Film, its counterpt, in April, and intended to make it easier for those with ng ren to attend the festival. Created in conjunction with the Penting at Festivals group, a support net and lobby group set up to pents in the industry whose roles necessitate lge amounts of , Le Bon Rouge offers additional passes for a nanny and , as well as a breast-feeding and -changing room, easy access for ng ren and strollers, and a dedicated rens ea.

It is uncle why Bellamacina would not have been offe an additional pass for her son under the terms of the initiative. The organisers sd they were seeking more on the incident.

Ironicy, my is about a ng single m trying to balance her as a , Bellamacina added. She is treated quite patronisingly in some scenes in the , but never as rudely as I was treated as a m at the festival today.

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