broadband internet connections

has a plan to bring to remote eas.

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s like is indeed building an

The net is ing on a that provide connections to “unserved and underserved eas,” according to documents uncove by Wired.

The documents, produced by a of request, detl several eml echanges between officials and representatives from 2016 and 2018. In the 2018 messs, reps refer to a “sm eperimental lication for the Athena .”

Elier this ye, rumors began swirling that the was ing on an . IEEE uncove filings referring to the Athena , which eed to point back to . we k for certn that is behind , as the confirmed the Athena project to Wi, though didn’t elaborate on specic plans for the .

has dabbled in nology before. The net was supd to launch an -beaming for pts of in 2016, but lost when ’s eploded during a

The net has made big investments in bringing connectivy to w don’t have access to connections. The previoly ed an -beaming ced Acquila, a project that was killed elier this ye.

Bes enabling ’s self-proclmed mission to “connect the ,” bringing remote pts of the globe is a strategic pt of ’s biness. Wh than 2 billion ers, the have to find inventive ways to reach audiences wants to keep growing. 

: Controllable for Gns Trion on Kickstter

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