Coronavirus update: One death and five more Covid-19 cases |

has been another -19 related in Zealand.

The woman in her 70s was one the residents from an rest transferred to .

- of  Dr Ashley also announced there are five more cases, bringing the total number of affected by to 1445.

Leaves gather at , .

This included two confirmed cases, and three probable cases. 

Hipkins joined of health Dr for the daily Covid-19 briefing on Tuesday.

Cabinet decided the country would in level 4 until 11.59pm on Monday April 27.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield and The current plan is for to be able to re-open for a Only Day on April 28 as part of their preparation, and the expects those who need to attend, to be able to from 29 April 29.

​Hipkins discussed the rules around schools during alert level three and explained what be happening , in the up to schools opening safely.

  Under alert level 3, most will be from home still. Schools will only be open for families that need to have their children at , he said.

for in years 11 to 13 will continue remotely,” Hipkins said.

will be mostly remote, only allowing staff and students to only attend when crucial – such as hands on .

“If students went home to join their bubble, they must stay home.”

From Wednesday, some schools will be welcoming back students.

Referring to concerns, Hipkins said he would continue to talk with the and provide further guidance.

“We’ reached the point where the director-general of health is confident there is no widespread transmission … so the of it coming through the gate or is low,” he said.

The health advice said it was for children to learn together, though Hipkins acknowledged that maintaining physical would be difficult.

As of the , he also gave an update about what will happen when Parliament sits again next week.

Schools and early learning centres can be accessed this week for , maintenance and any preparations.

This week, businesses will be allowed to get ready to open, such as re-entering premises to receive stock if necessary, but will have to stick to and their bubbles.

The same principle applies for preparing schools.

Schools and early learning centres can be accessed this week for cleaning, maintenance and any other preparations.

The current plan is for schools to be able to re-open for a Teacher Only Day on April 28 as part of their preparation, and the Government expects those who need to attend to be able to do so from  April 29. 

, Ardern acknowledged it take a bit longer for some schools and early learning centres to be ready.

During level 3, the Government still wants the vast majority of children and learning from home. 

The advice is for children who can stay at home should, and so should at- students.

Early childhood centres, and schools right up to year 10, will physically be open for families that need them.

Ardern said children should still learn from home if they can – except for those situations where it was not possible.

For example, who cannot manage the as well as . Those who do to school will be kept within one bubble while there.

She was not expecting large numbers of pupils to be in attendance.

Bloomfield said international evidence and New Zealand’s experience so far shows that Covid-19 does not affect or infect children and teens in the same way as adults. There were low rates, they don’t become too unwell and don’t to pass the to adults.

School principals said they are still awaiting guidance on what level 3 will like in the classroom. 

Senior ministry officials met with education and school associations early on Monday to discuss those guidelines. 

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