Death toll from coronavirus in care homes set to be published daily | London Evening Standard

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The tolls for the number who have died in care homes after testing for   be announced daily,   has .

The previously faced over the the daily death toll figures provided by the Department of only fatalities.

To date, figures for deaths in care homes and in the have been released weekly by for National .

The news comes as the  revealed that 4,343 -19  deaths occurred in care homes between April 10 to the .​

Speaking in , Mr Hancock said: “From tomorrow we’ll be not just the number of deaths in hospital each day but the number of deaths in care homes and the community too.”

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The Health said that this was part of a Government effort to “bring as much as possible” during the .

He added: “This will supplement publication and add to our understanding of how this is spreading day by day.”

The move will also “ inform the judgments that we make as we to keep people ,” Mr Hancock said.

Answering questions from during the press briefing, he said the spread of Covid-19 through care homes is “absolutely a priority” for the Government.

The also revealed that after successful pilots, the government will be rolling out coronavirus testing to asymptomatic residents and staff in care homes in as well as staff and in .

“This will mean that anyone who is working or living in a care will be able to get access to a whether they have symptoms or not,” he stated.

determined to do everything I can to protect the most vulnerable.”

Newton, co-ordinator of testing effort, addressing the spread of the virus in care homes, said: “We’ done some intensive studies of in care homes.

“What that showed was that the presence of symptoms was not really a good marker in the care home , both among residents and staff, for the presence of the virus.

were significant numbers who were asymptomatic who had the virus and so we have massively increased the amount of testing available.

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“We have now tested 25,000 residents in care homes and we are rolling out testing now to symptomatic and asymptomatic residents, as well as providing testing through the drive-thru centres and means.”

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