'' s brand-new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon comes out in April, a month prior to “”Solo: A Star Wars Movies” “releases in theaters.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

Think you understand whatever there is to learn about Han Solo’s famo Millennium Falcon ? Reconsider.

At New York Toy Fair , we got a preview of the well known area truck as we’ll see it in Solo, back when it came from Lando Calrissian. Major fans will have the chance to develop it themselves in Lego type — and let’s simply state O-M-G!

’s launched numero brick variations of the Millennium Falcon in the past — there’s the $800, 7,500-piece variation and 1,400-piece edition from The Force Awakens — however this brand-new “Kessel Run Millennium Falcon” coming out in April for $170 is the very first time we’re seeing it with its initial paint task.

Presumably, the Solo: A Star Wars motion picture premiering on May 25 will expose more about the Falcon’s origin story, however otherwise we do not know a lot about the ship. The name provides a big tip, though: Will will see a more vibrant Han make his much-boasted-about Kessel Run in the May 2018 film?

In the motion picture trailer, we see the Falcon does not have its renowned front-facing “mandibles.” On the variation, the area that fills the mandibles is a detachable freight bay hatch. Whether this will be something we see Solo is uncertain.

Pop the trunk, I suggest frunk, open, Lando!

Image: raymond wong/mashable

What occurs to this freight bay after Han wins the Falcon from Lando ?!

Image: raymond wong/mashable

Opening up the Falcon’s numero leading flaps, we get to see the interior. There’s many chairs for ers as well as the HoloChess table, from that popular scene in A New Hope, exists:

This set has 1,414 pieces.

Image: brian wong/mashable

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