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A theme pk w an 11-ye- died on one of the s face prosecution over her .

Evha Jannath, from , died in 2017 after fing from the Splash Canyon at Drayton Manor theme pk.

She suffe severe chest injuries in the f, reports shireLive .

She was taken to ren’s w she died.

The and (HSE) yesterday issued a statement confirming they e bringing forwd a prosecution.


A sd: “Drayton Manor Pk Ltd of Drayton Manor Drive, Tamworth, Staffordshire face a chge under Section 3 of the and at etc. .

“The criminal proceedings have not yet commenced, becae an inquest into Evha’s , due to be hed in November, needs to take place .”

A pre-inquest heing in Cannock, Staffordshire in Februy 2019 decided that the week- heing would begin in November 2019.

The initial heing was attended by Evha’s br Muhammed , with his brister, and East Keith Vaz, who has been supporting .

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Speaking after the heing Mr Vaz sd: “It’s been very frtrating for .

“Their anguish is something that I have witnessed over the last two yes.

“What they need to k is the of what hened at the .”

Elier this ye Staffordshire sd the case does not meet the thresh for gross negligence or corporate manslaughter.

In a statement, Staffordshire sd detectives conducted a “thorough and lengthy” into the incident, which was reed by the CPS.


The file was then passed to the and to conr.

Speaking in 2017 Evha’s br Muhammed  sd: “It’s almost too much to take in, too much for of , for me, for my , for my for the rest of .

don’t epect r little sister to leave the to on a trip but to never come .

“It came as a big shock to of .

“Somes it feels like it’s a dream, like it’s not real.

“I can’t rey epln it, but some days I epect Evha to pop her round the like she ed to.

“It is hd to cope with.

“My is jt so distraught. I think she is still in shock.

“It is so hd for of , pticully , to k how to move forwd in any way.”

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