drug makers

()Three makers, a with an industry group, filed a suit Friday to stop the administration from requiring to their prices in .

Eli Lilly
“The impetus for the suit is prices in , but the cru of it is HHS not having the authority to mandate this ion,” sd Eli Lilly in a statement. “Not only does the rule eceed the deptment’s statutory authority and rse of speech concerns, the focus on a medicine’s price creates confusion because it’s not the price most pay.”
Lowering drug prices has been a central focus of President Donald Trump, as well as makers on both s of the sle. Eperts, , have questioned the usefulness of providing the prices of medicine in , as most with pay f less. They fe that advertising prices se away from s they could uy afford with their cover.
    Ale Az served as prent of Lilly , the ’s affiliate, before joining the administration. He has since lambasted his former industry peers for high costs.
    “If the e embrassed by their prices or afrd that the prices se away, they should lower them,” Ctlin Oakley, an HHS spokeswoman, sd in to the suit. “Prent and Az e committed to providing the they need to make their own informed decisions.”
    HHS spokeswoman
    The rule, announced last month, is the to be implemented from the administration’s blueprint to lower drug costs, which was released a ye ago. It mandates that makers the price for any that costs more than $35 for a month’s supply or the usual course of . The ncy picked that price because it’s roughly the aver copay for a prefer -name .
      “Requiring the of s’ prices in is the single most significant any administration has taken towd a simple commitment: n deserve to k the prices of the they receive,” Az sd at the .
      While the rule does not have an enforcement mechanism, Az sd ing to the price would be con a deceptive price and could prompt suits by industry rivals.

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