A 30-ye- of Clin is proof some standups have understood the ugliness of attacking under. Its a lesson many current e lening


is and political correctness is killing it. Nobody can about anything any more without trigge s screaming and cancelling them.

Ill stop because Im sure have hed this screed before. s complning about how millennial sflakes cant take a and dont understand edgy . In September, for eample, the con Shane Gillis was dropped from Saturday Night Live after foot surfaced of him making , homophobic and misogynistic gags. Gillis responded to the outr with a non- in which he explained that he pushes boundaries and takes risks.

Cons should obviously push boundies and take risks. But ching down has never been remotely risky or funny. This isnt a development of our woke era; its a principle the s best have always ackledged. Just at the 30-ye- of Clin that recently went . In the clip Clin criticises bigoted s made by his fellow standup An Dice . has traditiony picked on in power, Clin says. and gays and immigrants, to my way of , e under. He adds: I think [s] audience is ng, white s who e threatened by these groups.

ah Samba (@Dualityman81)

Wow, this is from 1990. And I us sensitive folk didnt understand the unfunny ching down s from these cons. Interesting pic.twitter.com/2jU5Xj6pA3

September 28, 2019

ound the same that Clins comments were going , the s published a new interview with Eddie Murphy, who is returning to standup. , 58, t he isnt afrd of current controversies over , pointing out that he was picketed for homophobic s he made in the 1980s. It took a to apologise for those s and the backlash was ptly why he stopped doing standup for yes. But k what? He still has a ceer. Whats more, he says he cringes when he thinks of his , ignorant material.

So e: is living proof that political correctness hasnt killed . He shows that its perfectly possible to apologise and , even if it takes a while. I hope Gillis is paying attention.

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