Elizabeth Warren Leads Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders for First Time in New Iowa Poll

Sen. (D-MA) took the in a Des Moines Register Iowa poll on Saturday night, marking the first time the Massachusetts senator led both former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the first caucus state in the poll.

According to the new survey, Warren leads at 22 percent, with Biden following at 20 and Sanders at 11 percent. No other candidate reached double digits but South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg followed at 9 percent, with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at 6 percent to round out the top five. Additionally, the poll found that Warren was drawing the of 32 percent of those who say that they caucused for Sanders in 2016 and that she narrowly led him among voters under 35.

Its the someone than Biden at the top of the board, J. Ann Selzer, of Selzer & Co. which conducted the poll, said.

The poll comes as Sanders campaign has shaken up its staff in two early voting states.

The Independent from Vermont remains at or near the top of most primary polls and no other candidate has matched his fundraising and grassroots organization capacity. But even with his staying power, he has been increasingly eclipsed in the eyes of opponents by Warren as the main progressive force in the race.

Stuck in this position, Sanders campaign has shuffled staff in two early crucial primary states, where his operation replaced their New Hampshire state director and Iowa political director and a deputy Iowa field director. Some sympathetic to Sanders have noted that changing around staff at this juncture obviously demonstrates a sign of dissatisfaction with the senators in the . He continues to build and demonstrate a massive legion of support, hitting one million donors this weeka milestone no other candidate has reached yet.

That explains why now, internally, the only message that Sanders team would convey is confidence, with one surrogate noting that the Vermont senators resources are so vast that his campaign will kick into an even higher gear with an anticipated television ad buy in the early states.

There are two advantages that Senator Sanders has, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), a campaign co-chair, told The Daily Beast. Hes got the largest grassroots fundraising base. He hasnt yet gone on television in the early states. Hes going to go on television in the early states. Some of the other candidates have already been on television. Once he goes on television, hes going to be able to sustain it and have more resources to do that not just in the early states but in places like California.

Despite Khannas claim about the senators plans, a spokesperson for the campaign later quickly denied that there would be an ad buy soon.

Whether or not there will be, Sanders campaign for now is chalking up the staffing changes to isolated incidents and natural growing pains through the course of a campaign.

Pundits in the Beltway might not believe it, but Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa is out-organizing the entire field, and this is all powered by the most grassroots volunteers and donors of any campaign in the country.
Iowa State Director Misty Rebik

For instance, there had been some annoyance with how Joe Caiazzo had been the operation. That was made clear by reported cheering last weekend when members of the state steering committee heard that he had been reassigned to .

Sanders dominated in his neighboring state in the 2016 primary, which helped propel his campaign to become a threat against Hillary . , he is locked in a tight contest with Biden and Warren, according to the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls.

In Iowa, the campaign parted ways with political director Jess Mazour, though in that case was far less apparent open negativity about the way in which she was running .

Well continue to make moves that we feel best position this campaign to win, campaign said in a statement to The Washington Post about the move. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment for this story.

Sanders famously fought Clinton to a near-draw in the Hawkeye State in 2016, portending the strength of his campaign to come. Though famously difficult to poll, he is now basically deadlocked in second place with Warren behind Biden. Yet his campaign announced on Friday that they had surpassed one million voter contacts in the state, another sign of the strength of their ground operation that they hope pays off year.

Pundits in the Beltway might not believe it, but campaign in is out-organizing the entire , and this is powered by the most grassroots volunteers and donors of any campaign in the country, Iowa State Misty Rebik said in a statement.

The purgatory status for Sanders campaign was demonstrated by an Iowa poll on that showed him slipping. But theres no doubt that he remains among one of the top contenders for the nomination, with other campaigns even saying as much. In a memo on Saturday, Sen. Cory Bookers (D-NJ) campaign manager issued an urgent plea for fundraising in the next 10 days to effectively keep him in the race. Within it, he noted that Biden, Sanders, Warren and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg are the four campaigns with enough resources to compete for the long haul currently.

Warren has completely out campaigned him. I scratch my head and go how is Bernie going to get around her?
Unaffiliated Democratic consultant

While he still is among the top tier of candidates in the crowded field, there is some evidence to suggest that Sanders opponents are more interested in training their fire on Warren for now. On Thursday, a number of the other presidential contenders leveled various criticisms at the Massachusetts Democrat, with Buttigieg explicitly invoking her by name to say that she was extremely evasive in answers about for All, the primary that has animated Sanders political for years.

Warren also won the support of the Working Families Party, a left-wing political outfit that supported Sanders in the last primary. The voting process, and the lack of a revealed tally, has led to some acrimony from Sanders supporters who have leveled charges that the leadership of WFP essentially commandeered the process to back Warren.

Maurice Mitchell, WFPs national director and Nelini Stamp, national organizing director at WFP, wrote about the selection process in to that they had heard. In turn, they also urged that supporters remain about both candidates.

Both Warren and Sanders are fighting for the we want to see, and both have brought new and vital into the political , they wrote. Our of Warren does not diminish our respect for Sanders, and to be clear, were going to be relentlessly positive about both of them in the months ahead.

Sanders and Warren appear poised to remain relentlessly positive about each other as wellas neither has demonstrated a willingness or desire to go negative. In , Khanna defended both of them against Buttigiegs attack line in a tweet on Friday.

But underscoring some of the recent moves by the campaign appears to be a notion from some that Warren is outflanking Sanders for now. And it remains to be seen whether she is having an ephemeral moment or steadily climbing her way to the nomination.

Warren has completely out campaigned him, an unaffiliated Democratic consultant familiar with the campaign told The Daily Beast. I scratch my head and go how is Bernie going to get around her?

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