If Attorney General Bill Barr had led his press conference last Thursday morning by saying, The Mueller report reveals that, among other things, on multiple occasions, President Donald Trump ordered Corey Lewandowski and Don McGahn to obstruct justice, the House of Representatives would be planning Trumps impeachment hearings, with probably even some Republicans in the House and the Senate putting out statements in support of the hearings.

Spoiler alert: The Mueller report revealed that Donald Trump gave those orders, along with no fewer than 11 other instances of the president attempting to obstruct justice.

From dictating to then-White House Communications Director Hope Hicks a press release to lie about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, that was accepted and attended by Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner; to twice ordering then White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller; to telling Corey Lewandowski to force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to thwart the Mueller investigation; to asking NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers to squelch the investigation by lying to the press and more, Trump, but for Bill Barr throwing himself on a live hand grenade, would likely be tendering his resignation by nowNixon-style. These individuals, who each were trusted Trump allies and darlings of MAGA world to varying degrees, recounting under oath on live television how the president asked them to break the law, will be even more powerful than reading the Mueller report itself, and with viewership in the stratosphere. It would make Super Bowl ratings look like basic local cable by comparison.


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