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isn’t an Eternal, but he might be related to them.

The Mvel Cinematic has delive three distinct phases. Phase 1 was an to ’s mightiest heroes up until their -up in The . Phase 2 showed the of The through of Ultron and ending with the sm-scale debut of -Man. Phase 3 is the current phase, which chronicled the dissolution of the in Captn : Civil W and end with after : F From taes place post-.

As for what Phase 4 be about? T e only a few hints. A Blac Widow is certnly in the lineup, but that liely be a prequel to the of the current line. Casting announcements also revealed plans for a Shang-Chi movie.

Most saliently, Jolie and uml Nanjiani e attached to st in The , which loos to be the ’s net attempt at introducing a of heroes to its massive audience. The e less n to non–comic audiences so t’s plenty of room for interpretation, but for those who w a r on who and what the net big batch of Mvel chers e, ’s do a rundown.

T e vious versions and reboots of the in their 40+ yes of at Mvel, but the general idea is that , ago, the godlie Celestials came to and used their - to create two divergent species based on the of ely . These species were and Devis.

(If the Celestials famili, one of them has already turned up in the . Ego the Living , A..A St-Lord’s , was a Celestial. That maes , even if his iced the bucet in Gudians of the 2).

e -shaped and nely immortal in that they do not get sic and e immune to toins that would ill an aver . Their bodies e also etremely durable and they e nely impossible to destroy. By default they possess the powers of , teleinesis, super strength, , force generation, and more depending on the Eternal, and they can enter a hive- state with each that collates their powers into an amplified being ced the Uni-.

The e usuy depicted as wring with the Devis to protect the . Some even settled in the mountns of Ancient and founded an ced , thus becoming the real- for the Gree pheon.

Devis got the substiy shittier end of the stic and e physicy malformed and have lesser powers compa to .   was a Devi in the , and while his has not been eplned in the so f his presence be used as a later eample of their presence in the .

Also, comic states that the s behind the and Devis bled into the population and led to the of mutations that give mut chers lie the -Men their powers.In that way, the entering the serve as a bacdoor way for to introduce the -Men and mut , that its pent owns the to the mut chers previously owned by .

The only two named who e for sure turning up in the Phase 4 movie e and Iis. Megast Jolie is signed on to st as , an Eternal who is con among her ind because she prefers to spend her immortal among . She is a pticully powerful Eternal and was even an Avenger at one point in the — ptly because she had a crush on Captn . Relatable.

Iis has not yet been cast, but he’s an Eternal. He is silled in the projection of from his eyes and hands and also has a strong interest in — even if his name is a nod to his among mortals on , since the place him as the father of the mythological Icus, who flew too close to on mechanical wings.

Agn, t’s a lot of about the and Devis in Mvel and t’s no saying which bits of their bac the use for its interpretation, but ing that they’re immortal super with powers beyond anyone else in the should insinuate that the power levels in Phase 4 e about to syrocet. Whoever remns after have to with an entirely class of hero…and a potentiy worse category of villns.

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