Facebook stops plans to put ads on WhatsApp

In 2019, it was announced at Summit that advertisements would be appearing in . Recently, disclosed it has quit plans to start posting on .

WhatsApp bring Ads in its status in 2020. #FMS19 pic..com/OI3TWMmfKj

— Olivier Ponteville (@Olivier_Ptv) 21, 2019

According to a report by The , the that was set up to on integrating ads to the were dissolved and as a result, their was “deleted from WhatsApp’s code”. Though the app up to this is -free, Facebook still plans to harmonise ads into WhatsApp’s Status feature.

The report further said that Facebooks’s plan to monetise WhatsApp is part of what made WhatsApp Jan Koum exit the in 2018 and closely followed months after by his fellow co- Brian Acton.

Also, the drawback in putting ads on WhatsApp has led Facebook to alternatively focus on WhatsApp features that will “allow businesses to communicate with customers and organize those contacts.”

Acquired for $22 billion (₦7,974,956,000) in 2014 by Facebook, WhatsApp is one of the most used in the and in especially, according to a report. And with features been added to the Facebook-owned , it may seem that the company is unrelenting in making its platform indispensable.

It can be recalled that in 2019, Facebook introduced ‘catalogs’ to its WhatsApp app and also Facebook Pay to the market. Although, these features are yet to be available in the market.

Presuming that ads on WhatsApp would be ultimately launched, the WhatsApp status feature which was copied from stories might be carrying ads in between the status just like stories.

On a brighter note, ads in between WhatsApp stories would be of an to owners who already use their WhatsApp status as a to market their services. Additionally, these businesses could also create ads to their prospective customers on the app.

It would also be another source of revenue for Facebook as WhatsApp is yet to be monetised while Facebook and Instagram are already generating revenue for the company via customer replies through its new WhatsApp Business , Facebook Marketplace, ads placement on Instagram and so on.

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