The entire is to be blamed for the disqualification of ’s choice “het’’, a movie , Chima Okereke, sd on Wednesday

het”, directed by , was ’s -ever submission for best international feature .

It was disqualified on Monday by the Academy of Motion ts and s for not having “a pominantly non-English dialogue track”.

s for the mt have a pominantly non-English dialogue track but the 95-minute Het is lgely in English, with an 11-minute section in the Langu.

Okereke, the of the Fresh Talent ion, a movie , t the ncy of (NAN) that the structure was fed.

“In the of the ers, the should have ed ly the Langu than Langu, and the blame ted .

“It is to understand that profit conrations cannot ow a big of that stat, shot in , to be shot ly in or any Langu.

“It most likely to loss of capital ; might not want to becae it was done in a local langu; sennts, and nuances kill its potential patron no matter how the is in terms of theme, interpretation, value and imp,’’ he sd.

He sdd that the committee that nominated “het’’ did not want an to slip by.

“The gamble did not fly; , we should len from it.

“At least, thoands of makers who lampooned some of for not ming for see the .

of Boys’’, “Trip to Jamca’’, “’’ and s that made profits as we gathe, would not have made it to becae they were not shot in or langu and then
subtitled in English,’’ he sd.

He noted that some yes back at a semin organised s Guild of , the issue of nomination for came up.

“I t everyone who nursed that idea to do that in indigeno langu. see it .

“Only one catery is reserved for s made out , and to be qualified to win , the langu mt be indigeno.

“It could be Spanish, Portuguese, , Efik, Mandin, , etc., tgeting at least 60-65 per cent indigeno langu.’’ he sd.

’s ‘het’ is ’s submission for the

Okere sd that makers ing towd entrance for would have no choice than to e non-English langu.

e r local langu; shooting a with n or Langu not get a nomination,’’ he sd.

Okereke, , sd that a shot in English Langu could make it to if co-produced with a .

“The lesson from “het’’ disqualification is: Take r langu ; follow the rules. takes ion as a and protects it with its awd sy.

“T has to be collaborative efforts from makers in by putting the elements needed to win at the big – from to langu options and to value and mketing.

makers have to back to the drawing bod and get it right.

“If we neglect this , we miss bils in not keying into global ,’’ he sd.


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