From Near Death Experience To Top Of Her Class

The induction Shrdha Mala as the of Rakiraki Secondary has got talking.

Shrdha, 18, who has had a of heart problems, is not only a student body but is also a top academic student, as well.

In 2014 she survived a near- experience.

She suffered severe chest and acute breathing difficulties. Shrdha she was going to die.

She was flown to New Zealand and successfully underwent an .

Kalidass Mani, a farmworker, said Shrdha “is an inspiration to everyone and a very strong girl.”

Mr Mani said he knew her and how they struggled after she was diagnosed with a heart defect in 2008. Shrdha was in year two then.

“She is a fighter. Others have given up after what she went through. But not Shrdha,” he said.

Her , Ashneel Raju, said Shrdha kept up her maths study despite her condition.

Ravi Chand, her school principal, said Shrdha was among the who never gave up.

“She has inspired the students and the teachers with her excellent and is tackling her challenges very well,” he said.

He said Shrdha was an example to many students who did not do well in their studies as she was good in managing her with school and with leadership.

She has made the school and her proud by excelling in her despite her challenges.

Shrdha said her battle was not over yet, but she was not allowing it to slow her down.

She has some breathing issues and she still fights to the challenge and to become an inspiration to others.

Shrdha’s experience has motivated her to become a to treat people like her and to show them that nothing is impossible.

She said if anyone had or problems, they could still fight their battles and chase their .

Shrdha topped the Fiji Year 12 Certificate Examination last year and she is looking to top this year and become the dux at her school.

Edited by Naisa Koroi

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