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Reactions broke out on after the of the Federal Road Corps (FRSC), Mr Ayuba Gora, was quoted to have said that using while driving was a traffic offence.

Gora made the statement at the 2019 Ember Months Campaign which was held in by the Lugbe Unit on Wednesday.

The campaign was made with the aim of sensitizing about the need to drive safely and be conscious of motorists during the busy and festive month remaining in the year.

Haba. So what about in ? Must we advertise our ignorance in this country?
FRSC has become an MDA in that does the opposite of their name.

— Odjugo E (@EretareCO)

This headline is really embarrassing and shameful… see why some westerners still think we swing around through trees? Headlines like this have far reaching implications

— novo abere (@novorious)

This is a country that is about to launch network and claims to be the to do so in . The statement by the FRSC shows how backward Nigerians think. It’s so that we still think the use of to driving is an offence. Are we ready for the ?

— OjoOluwa Ibiloye-Ohjay (@OjooluwaIbiloye)

Nigerians’ reactions to the FRSC official’s expressed their disappointment in the disposition of Mr Ayuba Gora and therefore the FRSC to the use of in navigation.

FRSC Clarifies

In announcements made official twitter account, the FRSC through its , Kazeem, said that its must have been misquoted and misinterpreted.

“The Corps wishes to state that the Sector Commander must have been misquoted and his statement outrightly misrepresented because the Federal Road Safety Corps as a technology driven organisation is not and has never stood against the use of google map by motorists.”

In the twitter address, Kazeem went on to re-emphasize the stand of the FRSC on the use of while driving.

She said motorists could be distracted while driving if they were handling their mobiles for any which a location on their google map. Such distractions cause , hence FRSC’s warnings on the use of while driving.

“We therefore call on motorists who intend to deploy the use of google map on their phone especially during the festive season when traffic density is high, to activate such before setting the vehicle in motion so as to ensure 100 percent concentration on the wheels.”

From FRSC’s clarification, use of Google maps while driving is not an offence, , it should be set before the journey commences.

As an aid, while driving, mobile phones can be held by the car phone holder and control activated so directions can be read out from the phone.

In spite of the reactions to Mr Ayuba’s misinterpreted statement, the FRSC campaign holds goodwill towards Nigerians and the safety measures being emphasized should not be ignored, especially regarding use.

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