in '' son 6's monumental 'Battle of the Bads.' son 8 seeks to surpass it.

We can always count on Game of Thronesto push the boundies of , but a son 8 battle sequence s like it have pushed the show’s cast and crew to their limits and beyond.

In an with Entertainment Weekly, the Thrones broke down their literal breakdown from the three-month shoot that become the battle of – the show’s most ambitious yet, kn interny as “The Night.”

“Nothing can prepe for how physicy drning it is,” sd Msie iams, who plays a highly-ed fighter but make her battle debut this son. “It’s night after night, and agn and agn, and it just doesn’t stop. can’t get sick, and have to out for rself because ’s so much to do that nobody else can do… e s ’re just broken as a and just want to cry.”

The episode, directed by Thrones vet Miguel Sapochnik, took 11 weeks of night shoots in temperatures with only skeletal trlers and ers as respite (showrunner Benioff sd that seeing a night shoot crew member on a day shoot in a different episode was “like seeing Nosferatu coming in”).

“It was the most unpleasant eperience I’ve had on Thrones. A real , rey miserable,” sd Ser Jorah Mormont In Glen. “ have an absolute fucked bunch of .”

But Glen was reassuring that the misery translates well on-.

On one day, while shooting a non-battle scene, an ress (unnamed by EW, but a “ regul”) fnted and had to leave . A crew member suffe an asthma attack while filming indoors because of the oils burned to create synthetic set smoke.

“If Miguel lives through this it be the hdest thing he’s ever done,” sd eecutive producer Bernadette Caul. “the hdest thing of us have ever done.”

“Everybody prays they never have to do this agn,” sd Rory McCann, who plays the Hound.

“The hd pays off on this show,” iams added. “After one of those rey tough days, k it’s going to be pt of something so iconic and it .”

On that, the agrees; the end be worth it.

“It’s been ehausting but I think it blow everybody away,” sd co-eecutive producer B Cogman.

We can’t wt.

returns April 14.

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