Gay Jesus Film: Brazil police probe attack on actors

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said on Thursday they are investigating a by a far-right group that claimed to have carried out an attack on a group of who had depicted Jesus as gay.

On Wednesday, a video circulating on showed three masked claiming to have carried out the attack in retaliation for “an attack against the Brazilian ’s .”

The two-minute video included images of several people lighting Molotov before throwing them at a building.

The attack, in which no one was , took place Tuesday night at the studio of a group of actors called Porta Fundos, whose 46-minute film “Christ’s Temptation” began on on December 3.

The satirical depicts Jesus returning with his after 40 days in the , as Mary and Joseph plan a surprise party for Jesus’s 30th birthday.

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It has angered many evangelicals and Catholics, and hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition to have it taken down.

Far-right Jair Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo — a lawmaker — criticized the movie on .

“We believe in of expression but is it really worth attacking the faith of 86 per cent of the population?” he wrote.

The masked men in the video held up a flag of the 19th-century of and another sporting a symbol linked to the 1930s far-right political party Brazilian Integralist Action.

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hypotheses are being investigated,” police Marco Aurelio Ribeiro told .

Police have identified the registration numbers of a vehicle and used by the attackers and said the masked group’s video “matches” the committed.

Joao Vicente de Castro, a member of Porta dos Fundos, told journalists the incident was “an attack on freedom of expression.”

Porta dos Fundos, which was founded in 2012, won an International this year for their 2018 comedy special, “The Last Hangover,” also available on Netflix.

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