Bernd Kolkmeier

(CNN)A court in Germany has ordered the extradition of a Bulgarian man who was detained earlier this week on spicion of the rape and murder of Bulgarian journalist Viktoriya Marinova.

According to a statement from the Higher Regional court in Celle, the man will be extradited within the next 10 days from Germany to Bulgaria.
Bulgarian authorities acce him of raping, killing and robbing Marinova, a 30-year-old television journalist, on October 6 in the northern Bulgarian city of Re.
    Bulgarian Interior Ministry
    The Stade District Court in Germany questioned the spect on Wednesday and ordered his detention. According to the prosecutor in Celle, Bernd Kolkmeier, the spect partially confessed to his actions during questioning.
    In a statement, the prosecutor detailed the spect’s version of events. “He admitted that in the morning of 7 October 2018 he was under strong influence of alcohol and drugs and he hit a previoly unknown young woman in the face over a random argument in a park on the banks of the Danube river in Re, Bulgaria,” Kolkmeier said.
    “He then lted the woman up and threw her into a bh. He denies intent to kill as well as raping and robbing the woman.”
    Kolkmeier added that “according to the spect he did not previoly know the victim and this would exclude a political motivation. He will be extradited to Bulgaria and the Bulgarian authorities will take over the investigation.”
    Kolkmeier told CNN the spect was 20 years old. A spokeswoman for the Bulgarian Interior Ministry previoly said he was 21.
      Most recently, Marinova anchored the program “Detector” on TVN, in which she interviewed two journalists who were investigating alleged corruption involving funds.
      She previoly hosted a lestyle program and was involved with charity work. She was the mother of a young daughter.

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