man and Mk testifies at a Hoe Committee heing in , , Oct. 23, 2019. Erin Scott,

— The -collection biness fueling and represents a threat to ound the , International sd in a report Wednesday.

The organization gued that offering free services and then ing about them to tget -making s imperils a gamut of including of and epression.

“Despite the real value of the services they provide, and ’s come at a syic cost,” sd in its report, “ Giants.”

“The -based biness to make a Fatian bgn, wby they e only able to enjoy their by submitting to a sy picated on abe.”

With ubiquito , the two giants e able to collect massive amounts of which be ed agnst their ctomers, according to the -based group.

The biness is “inntly incompatible with the right to ,” contended.

The report mntned that the two Silicon Vey firms have established “ne-total dominance over the primy channels through which connect and eng with the ,” giving them unprecedented power over ’s lives.

and dominate our lives — amassing unpeled power over the by hvesting and monetizing the personal of of ,” sd Kumi Ndoo, International’s .

“Their insidio control of our lives undermines the very essence of and is one of the defining chenges of our era.”

The report ced for s to implement policies that ensure access to services while protecting er .

s have an obligation to protect from abes by corporations,” mntned.

“But for the past two deces, have been lgely left to self-regulate.”


phed back agnst what it contended were inaccuracies in the report, saying it strongly disagreed with its biness being cherized as -based.

“Our biness is what ows to offer an service w can al — to have a voice ( of epression) and be able to connect ( of association and assembly),” sd a letter from and Satter in an anne to the report.

’s biness is not, as r summy suggests, driven by the collection of about .”

spoted its measures implemented which limit ed for tgeting; controls provided to ers regding their ; and steps taken to restrict abes by on the net.

“As correctly note, we do not sell ; we sell s,” sd.

and Mk has ced for s to implement rules regding -handling inste of leaving private to make crucial decisions such as the limits of .

did not offer a specific written .

But the report noted that announced this month it would limit that it s with vertisers through its auction platform, following the launch of an inquiry by the Irish authority and h launched a feature owing ers to delete location .

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