Most bs natury want the attention to remn on them for the entirety for their big day, but one unselfish sister was hy to the spot to her br pro.

Sierra Mcginty-Rh, from Navasota, spent months the with her br McGinty II, which was captu on by their coin De’Von Jones.

Foot shows how the b turned and presented her flowers to her br’s , Baylee Gillmore, than following the tradition of throwing her bouquet.

He was wting on one knee to pop the question, much to the de of guests.

In the , that was d , the lywed was seen preping to toss her bouquet towds her single .

But at the last minute, the b turned ound and walked to the group of behind her.

She then handed her bouquet to a Baylee, who was weing a shiny , who seemed confed and surprised.

The woman ed ound and spotted her , wting behind her on one knee, as the crowd went .

The woman could not believe her eyes as her took her hand and made his proposal, his voice drowned out by the scream and cheers of the .

Baylee nodded and offe her left hand as the guests swooned.

After embracing and shing a sweet , the couple were left beaming from e to e.

The woman’s could been seen rhing to her to congratulate her, as the crowd dispersed to them through.

The giddy groom-to-be could be seen rsing his thumb up in the r in sign of .

Jones revealed the proposal was the b’s idea. Her br was initiy hesitant to a with the move.

He felt it might be disrespectful to her to her thunder, but his sister insisted he did it and offe her .

She reportedly planned it for months on end before the wedding.

In a post, Sierra wrote: ‘Doing it at MY reception that MY coins pd for was MY idea.

‘If k me and my then would understand why I was more ecited then they were! I was nervo and trying not to cry,’ she added.

‘Shing Saturday with him jt gave more memories,’ she sd.

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