Hide Facebook Profile – How to Hide Facebook Profile Settings | Facebook Search

is a very good platform and a place to make as well. , some Facebook users do not really want to make some of their details known to users. Therefore, most users seek ways to hide Facebook profile.

Hide Facebook Profile – How to Hide Facebook Profile Settings | Facebook

However, if a Facebook user wants to make his or her profile not visible to other users on Facebook, is some process to about it. Therefore, by making use of your Facebook settings, can restrict other Facebook users and the from your profile.

More so, you do not only hide Facebook profiles but you can still hide your posts, , and videos on your Facebook account. Sometimes, some users decide to just deactivate their account in other to hide their details. Therefore, when they use this process they can later reactivate their account again.

How to Hide Facebook Profile

There are ways to hide your Facebook profile if you do not want other users to details about your Facebook account. However, one of the ways is by deactivating your Facebook account. Furthermore, we are going to be looking at the process to hide your profile from search.

  • Firstly, open your Facebook account with either your phone or desktop system.
  • Find the Edit Profile caption which is at the left corner of the dropdown menu.
  • Click the Edit caption Furthermore, this is the edit button to the entry profile.
  • Therefore, hit the caption on the drop-down menu.
  • Select Only Me in the options to hide your Facebook profile and your .

Furthermore, when you are done with this process, then you can rest assured that your Facebook profile will not be visible to the public.

Facebook Search – Facebook Public Profile Search

Facebook search is a feature on platform was Facebook users on the platform can search for whatever they want on Facebook. More so, search bar is at the top part of homepage.

Particularly, you can use the search feature to find friends, photos, videos and even links on the Facebook . More so, using the feature is very easy and does not require any tough procedure.

Basically, to use the search just type in the exact word of what you wish to find on the platform and click on the search icon. Therefore, it will load the results relating to the key phrase which you inputted. More so, you can still search on a user’s personal Facebook profile using the search bar.

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