Highlights from the town hall meeting with Jack Dorsey and the Twitter team at Techpoint Africa

A couple of days ago, , ’s co- and , made his presence in known through a tweet.

One of the arranged engagements for Jack — who is also the and CEO of — was a meeting at Techpoint’s headquarters in .

Jack with Twitter’s , Parag Agrawal; , Micheal Montano; and Twitter lead and co-founder, Kayvon Beykpour took turns to questions from at the meeting.

“I want to understand the challenges of starting a and figure out a way I can ,” Jack claimed.

He also revealed that are plans to hire Nigerians to remotely for Twitter as well as Square.

“Speaking specifically about Nigeria, in the future, many of our customers be from here [more] than there are today. There is [a] massive here for Twitter because Nigeria has many technical talents and impactful happen here too,” Parag added.

Here are highlights of the town hall meeting.

Twitter’s product lead offered Dara Oladosu a job at Twitter

After listening to Dara Oladosu talk about his Twitter bot — @QuotedReplies — Twitter’s product lead, Kayvon Beykpour offered him a job on the spot.

Kayvon went as far as offering Dara his seat on the panel.

And in what seemed like a confirmation of Kayvon’s job offer, Jack asked Dara to wait behind when Adewale — Techpoint’s CEO — asked Techpointers to join the Twitter team for a group .

Parag had pointed out that the company is working on decentralising its workforce.

Interestingly, Kayvon joined Twitter, along with Micheal after it acquired his startup, Periscope.

There are not enough Nigerians on Twitter

Jack, reacting to a question of on Twitter, simply quipped, “not enough.”

Corroborating this, Kayvon added, “I’ll just say not enough, and that’s one of the we’re here. We sense the impact that can be made is relative to the number of people.”

These responses pointed to the that the micro- platform only has a small fraction of the 98.39 million active users in Nigeria.

Jack to spend six months in Nigeria

Responding to a question from the moderator, Jack revealed that he would be spending six months in Nigeria in 2020.

“I want to live here for three to six months year, full , no travelling.”

, Jack didn’t mention what he would be doing in the country during this period.

Practical on how CEOs can manage their

Sharing his experience as CEO of two , Jack touched on how priorities and creating team dynamics can be key to a company’s .

He further stated that CEOs should ensure decisions are made with rich context that can properly address solutions.

He went on to say entrepreneurs shouldn’t set mediocre goals.

“We often raise on what we think is possible. We do that scare .”

“Remote work helps me connect well with my team.”

Jack mentioned how working from on Tuesdays and Thursdays helps him bond properly with his team.

He added that this gives him ample time to have elaborate discussions regarding the company’s .

“Working remotely twice a week gives me so much time to focus. When I invite these three over, we set apart three hours to have deeper conversations and make tactical plans we not have in .”

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