is stepping off her perch atop the hierchy of film royalty to st in a for the .

The Os-winning ress plays the role of Heidi Bergman, a who transitions siers back to civilian in the Amazon Stud original coming.”

Roberts, 50, spoke to s at at The Beverly Hilton on Saturday about the mental hurdles she endu while shooting, and the over attrion she felt towd the role.

“It was a mental chenge every day,” she sd. “And, I kind of that. It became rey the fuel a lot of s — how many ps e we going to get through a day and tomorrow, and is it one shot for of them or e we going to do a couple of shots?”

She emphasized, “It was weird — it was like the hder the task, the faster we accomplished it. It was very strange.”

Additiony, Roberts revealed that she wasn’t uy ing to take on a when the presented itself, but it ed like a because she doesn’t see a lge difference in and film. She welcomed the etra a show ows for cher development.

“I guess I didn’t rey think of it as sm , big . I don’t k — my is big,” she sd. [ is] “more to shoot and more to unravel

She continued: “Everything is just so good, the b is just so high, and for me it’s just nice to bring something into ’s s. We’re like a delivery service — we’re delivering entertnment into r s.”

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