Hong Kong ()Hong Kong er rie Lam’s annual ad ended in chaos Wednesday as pro-democracy makers repeatedly disrupted her speech and heckled her with cs to honor the demands of months-long anti-government protests.

Civic Pty maker Tanya Chan accused Lam of having “blood on her hands” and sd she had no right to ad makers due to the chaos unleashed by Lam’s -shelved etradition bill with .
“Since the etradition bill was announced, Hong Kong has been on the road of no return,” Chan sd. She has incited many to come out to the s. Why is she coming to talk about the ad and govern Hong Kong?”
    In a speech later delive by tele, Lam sd that “ e asking: Hong Kong return to normal? Is Hong Kong still a place we can live in peace?”
    She condemned the violence and sd the would continue to to stop it — both through ion and attempting to ad the underlying causes — but added that “any s that advocate Hong Kong’s independence and threaten the country’s sovereignty, and development interests not be tolerated.”
    Hong Kong: Carrie Lam abandons policy address as lawmakers protest - CNN
    s which began over the bill have lasted more than four months, with the movement’s demands expanding to issues such as an independent into brutality and democratic reforms.
    While s began peacefully, with hunds of thonds turning out for anti-etradition bill mches, they have grown increasingly violent. ers regully throw petrol bombs and bricks, and have begun vandalizing subway stations and -linked es, as respond with te gas and cannon.
    On Wednesday, rested two on suspicion of making eplosives, days after a bomb was set off near a police car following an night of violent s.
    A 23-ye- man and a 17-ye- boy were rested following late night rds on two flats in Hung Hom, in southern Kowloon. They were charged with “making or possession of eplosives,” unful assembly, and possession of an offensive weapon. Anyone found guilty of possessing eplosives deemed likely to “en or to cause serious injury to property” can face up to 20 yes in prison.
    sd bomb-making materials, including that could be used to remotely ivate an eplosive, and weapons were seized in the rds, ried out on “ received” following an apparent attempted bombing of a police car on Sunday.
    Suto Chin Chiu, superintendent of the Hong Kong Eplosive Ornce Disposal Bureau, sd that the , which was hidden a short distance from a and controlled by a phone, ea to be made but requi a significant amount of and epertise to put together. No one was reported inju in the blast, which took place on Nathan Road, one of the ’s busiest streets.
    Speaking Tuesday, Alick McWhirter, senior superintendent of the Eplosive Ordinance Disposal Unit, sd that day’s eged bombing was a “calculated and premeditated attack on the .”
    “The blast was felt by s 10-15 meters (32-49 foot) away — this was not a ,” he sd. “The attack requi and the attack place was chosen. They wted until s eited their vehicles (to set off the bomb).”

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    International pressure

    The ’s has struggled to cope with the growing chaos, lgely depending on to reign in the violence. Eecutive Lam has repeatedly condemned the violence as she remned insistent that ers’ demands could not be con while the unrest continues.
    this month, she used colonial-era emergency powers to ban citizens from wearing masks at gatherings, but this led to a uptick in violence, and widespread international .
    That reached heights as members of the of Representatives voted to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which if it receives Senate and Prential roval would mandate an annual re to determine whether Hong Kong’s autonomy from mnland remns sufficient to justify the special treatment the hub receives under US .
    Hong Kong: Carrie Lam abandons policy address as lawmakers protest - CNN
    The bill’s initial pass comes after several US makers visited Hong Kong, and prominent pro-democracy and ivists in the , including Joshua Wong, lobbied for makers to rove it.
    In a statement Wednesday, epressed its “strong indignation and firm opposition” to the bill, accusing of interfering in “’s internal affrs.”
    “The current situation in Hong Kong has nothing to do with or democracy,” sd Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang. “The real issue is to promptly end violence, restore order and gud the rule of .”
    Geng added that the bill “fully es the shocking hypocrisy of some in the US on and democracy and their malicious intention to undermine Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability to contn ’s development.”
    “The US has interests in Hong Kong,” he sd. “If the relevant were to become , it would not only hm ’s interests and -US relations, but would also seriously US interests.”
      It is uncle whether the Hong Kong bill ever become . The Senate version of the legislation is still awting a floor vote and differs from the version, meaning additional debates likely be requi. Any combined bill then have to go to US for his signature.
      While has remained largely silent on the Hong Kong s amid talks with the Chinese , he has previously epressed a ingness to make deals on supdly sepate issues, and recent progress on the trade war front could be d by his taking such a combative stance on Hong Kong.

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