How I Knew That I Have Found My Missing Rib – Spiff reveals as he shares wedding photos

Award-winning , Ajibola, aka ‘Spiff’ in the , ‘The Johnsons’, who recently fulfilled the traditional obligations of taking his bride , has opened up on the signs he saw that made him tie the knot officially, with his bride. He also spoke about raising and how his boyish looks affected him.

In an with Saturday Beats, the -struck actor, who described himself as a very lucky man, said their union was destined to happen at the right .

When he was asked the signs that made him certain that he had found his missing rib, the actor said, “Right from primary , I knew that I was either going to settle down with an woman or a white lady. But I had an 80 per cent of settling down with an Igbo woman who is fair and comes from a Catholic . Those were the traits of the girls I was usually attracted to. But for my spouse, she had some features that reminded me of my when she was younger and since I have so much resemblance to my , I knew it was going to be easy to settle down with her. I’m also in tune with my spiritual , so I knew it was meant to be. I saw the signs and and I wasn’t going to take . When she met my , they were also of the that she would be a wife.

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“To be honest, my fiancée is a beautiful full of happiness and she is a great person. So, it was not hard convincing my parents that she is good for me. My parents are not tribalists– they were open to receiving anybody. I also got a warm reception from my in-laws too. Ours was just a kingdom wedding that was destined to happen. We courted for about two years but we had known a time that we were destined for each . We were just waiting for the right time.”

And about his recently concluded wedding, Spiff said, “My wedding was a . We shook Anambra town. A young from the west came in of his own .

Speaking about the reactions that trailed the of his , the actor with boyish looks, said he was long overdue to settle down.

“To be honest, for some years , I had been long overdue to settle down. But most did not have an idea about it because I very young and I play young characters most of the time. So, was not what a lot of people or fans ever imagined for me. But I knew that I was of and I needed to settle down to move on to the phase in life.

“At the point that I knew she was the one for me, I wasn’t going to time anymore. As soon as we started getting along and both families had met each other, we were just counting down until when we were ready for it,” he said.

And about raising a family, he added, “I’m not considering a large family. We are (to have) not more than three children, considering the population of . It’s really hard to raise children .”

See from the wedding ceremony

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