The Prency on day attacked the s () saying the pty went missing and abdicating its responsibility to the nation on recent national issues.

, the Senior Special to the Prent on and ity sd this in a statement on day.

pointed out that the opposition compely went missing last week during the re of anti- legislation in the and 2020 Budget presentation by Prent Muhammadu to the .

He sd that rather than concentrate on national issues, the was ried away by fake of Prent ’s rumou wedding to one of his s.

The missing of the opposition and flure to h the to account, he sd, was dereliction of duty.

He sd, “Last week, the ’s ity reintroduced anti- legislation to pliament, following a eposé by the of a se for grades at the University of Las.

“The bill had been tabled before – in 2016 – but it was not passed: some members of our pty, ing with the opposition, then stronger in numbers than today, blocked it.

“This ound, has been no such attempt by the opposition s , , to sper the legislation. We cannot tell whether they remn opd to it, for they have been too busy to the 200 million citizens of k. Instead, last week – whilst this matter was in the , and the Federal Budget following our Februy , was being tabled before the – the opposition’s full attention was elsew: on the affrs of the Prent, who we were t by the , was to mry in to one of his cabinet s.”

According to him, the menace of fake is not to

“The interminable nonsense of fake is hdly to . In the , Britn – indeed across much of the democratic – we see waves of falsehoods and untruths peddled across and mnstream .

“It has led to journas and the press to become less trusted than almost any or estate. Yet elsew, whether the fake emanate from s or oppositions, neither have sought to abdicate their responsibilities in of vernance.”

Speaking further on the opposition, he sd “In , the opposition is close to reneging compely on the comp it hs with the voters. Every eists for its checks and balances. Voters elect a to vern but they also elect an opposition – to op, to scrutinise, and to h the ity to account.

“In the absence of either weight or counterweight, the scales of become imbalanced. This cannot continue for without the full functioning of vernance being affected.

“Whether citizens voted for Prent and the Progressives (), or for the opposition’s and his ’s (), no one voted for flure.

“They have voted differently on and , but regdless of a voter’s choice of candidate and pty, for their vote they epect responsibility. No voter epected, nor wanted, the opposition somehow to simply missing. But that, effectively, is what they have done.

“Imtely after the Februy that saw Prent re-elected to a second four-ye term, and his secure a able ity both in the and , the went to to chenge the result.

“The over losers towds “fe” once they have lost the campgn battle in the . None can begrudge the their day in : yet it was never in doubt that they would fl to persuade the judiciy to overturn Prent ’s 4 million votes and 14 percent mgin of victory over his opponent.

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