How religion divides and under-develops Africa by Reno

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

By Reno Omokri

Yesterday, I saw Shiites demonstrating against the and , and I groaned in my spirit. When Africans become themselves and stop being remote controlled by foreign interests?

Most Africans think they chose their religions. Not true. As a matter of , the vast majority of Africans had their religions handed down to them by Europeans or Arabs. How do I mean?

take as a case study. Most Nigerians are either Christian, Muslims, or Catholics. Many of them will even die to defend their faiths. But how did they get these faiths?

Most Muslims in Northern Nigerian were born into . Most did not make a conscious decision to become Muslims. They just found themselves as Muslims and accepted it. But the historical fact is that most of their ancestors were CONQUERED into Islam, either by the jihad of 1804, or by the Kanem Bornu (one of the oldest empires on ), or by Arabs during the the Tran Saharan Slave . This is a historical fact and I do not mean to upset my beloved followers.

At they resisted. Then they were conquered. They were FORCED to accept Islam. Those who refused were killed, and the survivors, fearing a similar fate, accepted the . Then they had who knew nothing but Islam, and the rest is .

Nigeria was colonised by . is OFFICIALLY a very staunch Protestant nation, with the Church of () as the state church. Have Nigerians ever wondered why the allowed to flourish in Nigeria even when it was suppressed in for centuries? Or why they did not allow Christian Missionaries into the North?

than the Binis and Itsekiri, who voluntarily accepted Catholicism in the 15th Century due to their trade with the Portuguese, Catholicism only gained ground in Nigeria, and especially amongst the Igbos of the East of Nigeria, in the 19th Century.

The British had a colonial of Divide and Rule. They did not allow Christian missionaries into Nigeria for of or , or Africans. It was a deliberate colonial policy to sow discord and division in Nigeria and their other colonial territories over the , and to keep nations, like Nigeria, ever subservient to as a supplier of raw and in times of (Nigerians in their thousands fought for the British in both Wars and were often used almost as cannon fodder) and in times of peace (Nigerians are a backbone of the in both the and US. 77% of all in are Nigerian).

The British decided that Anglicanism snd other forms of Protestantism should thrive amongst the and that Catholicism should thrive amongst the , and they refused to let Christian missionaries proselytise in the North to keep it Muslim, so that both the South and the North would be perpetually divided and check each other, and will never be able to unite against the colonialists.

Every missionary that came to Nigeria was licensed by the British. The Catholicism see in Igboland today is the fruit of four Catholic missionaries who arrived Onitsha in 1885, as part of the Holy Fathers, led by a certain Reverend Father Lutz. In fact, the where they first stayed was owned by the Royal (which influenced the formation of the colonial , and even provided personnel for them. Lord Lugard was a staff of the Royal Niger Company).

Meanwhile, as they were promoting Catholicism in Eastern Nigeria, the British were promoting Protestantism in Western Nigeria, where Henry planted the first church in Badagry, in 1842. When the British rescued Crowther from Fulani and Portuguese slavers, he was handed over to the Church Missionary (the proselytising mission of the Anglican Church), who educated him, and used him to extend Anglicanism amongst the Edekiri . Crowther eventually changed their name to Yoruba (a bastardisation of the Fulani word Yaribansa), because the British wanted a common for all Edekiri people.

That is how we come to have a Nigeria dominated by Muslims in the North, Anglicans and other Protestants in the West, and Catholicism in the East. It was not by . It was not by the choice of Nigerians. To the extent, with only very few exception, it is by of external powers.

I urge Africans to think about their religions. Do not just accept your religion because of the accident of your . Your eternal is too valuable to be left to chance.

I use myself as an example. I was born to a Catholic mother and an Anglican father. While my mother schooled in Europe, I was anglicised by the rest of the who were Anglican.

I remained an Anglican until I went to university. Free at last from my , I at first became a evangelist at the University of in 1990 at the of 16, until I left for another university and became an atheist at 18, and began The , and the Quran in other to know the true God.

God bless my parents, they did not . They did not force me to to church. They left me to choose.

For one whole year, I did not believe in God, until after reading Scripture, the Quran and Dr. Yongi Cho’s ( Yongi Cho) book, the Fourth Dimension, I found God by myself. Alone. Without the of Arabs, or Europeans, or my parents. That is why today, NOTHING can my . I was not born as a Christ follower. I was CONVINCED into following Christ by Scripture and a personal experience with God and I was ordained as a on January 15, 2012.

If all Africans can free their and choose their religion by themselves, Africans will stop being divided and fighting each other on the of religion and region, and we will no longer by the patsies of European and Arab nations, and will be truly free to become the greatest continent on Earth.

Reno Omokri

Gospeller. Deep Thinker. #1 Bestselling of Versus : The True of the Jonathan Years. Avid traveller. Magazine Festival Humanitarian of the Year, 2019.

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