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Is t anything ter buffs more than ? that breaks out in an eight-count, perhaps. Fans of either viety will want to tune into Fosse/Verdon for a thrilling depiction of al hi.

Fosse/Verdon follows the personal and professional of two cultural legends: Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse. A four- Tony awd-winning and dancer, Verdon is kn for originating both ‘s Roxie Ht and Lola in n Yankees. Fosse, a househ name in the ter , was an iconic choreographer and who won an Academy Awd for his direction of Cabet. Fosse met Verdon while choreographing n Yankees and together, the duo was an unstoppable, accited creative forceat a detrimental cost to their personal lives, it turned out.

The eight-episode features the equy legendy Williams (Brokeback MountnThe est Showman) and Rockwell (Confessions of a ous Three Billbods Out , ) playing the of Verdon and Fosse. ‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thomas Kl, as well as De Evan Hansen’s e  producers on the project, so you can bet on it being quality entertnment.

’s everything you need to k to  Fosse/Verdon for free.

Ebbing YouTube

Fosse/Verdon cast

  • Rockwell as Bob Fosse
  • Williams as Gwen Verdon
  • Mget Quey as Ann Reinking
  • Norbert Leo Butz as Paddy Chayefsky

What channel is Fosse/Verdon on?

Fosse/Verdon rs on .

What does Fosse/Verdon stt?

Fosse/Verdon premieres Tuesday, April 9 at 10pm ET. New r on Tuesdays at 10pm ET. 

How to Fosse/Verdon  for free

is avlable on many of the live services. When deciding which one is best for you, you’ll want to weigh the cost, the channels you’ll receive, and the compatible for . Thankfully, no matter which service you decide to try, you’ll be able to stt with a one-week trial, so you can Fosse/Verdon  for free.

1) Sling TV

iconic choreographer and director Sling TV


For a more la cte service, to Sling . It offers two cable s, and , both of which cost $25 per month. Only Sling Blue cries , which ows you to Fosse/Verdon, and offers more bang for your buck with over 40 channels, including s necessities like , , and . You’ll also gn access to the usual cable mnstays like , , , , and . But if you grab them both () you can save $10 per month.  the complete to .

2) Hulu with Live TV

Missouri Hulu

with Live

is one of the most popul ways to stream live , perhaps because you gn access to a massive libry of including classic and current shows, , not to menti0n .  As f as live- goes, you’ll have almost 60 channels to flip through, including , a full suite of , Ctoon Net, , and even deep like and . the complete of Hulu Live TV channels.

3) PlayStation Vue

If you have a PS4 and e into the idea of having your and needs met in the e place, is made for you. Still, you don’t need a to enjoy this service. You can also use a , Fire , and even Kodi. Plus, you’ll get awesome channels like , , , and in ’s entry-level . One s with up to five , with unlimited cloud DVR stor, which makes it one of the most binge-friendly solutions. e of PlayStation Vue channels.

4) FuboTV

was built from the ground up with s fans in . T e different channel s avlable whether you’re ing for , , , and even outdoor s like rock climbing. But no worries, the cable channels you’re after e present too, including Viceland, , , and . Plus, It comes with , so youll be able to Fosse/Verdon. the complete FuboTV channels list.

5) YouTube TV

is a solution for families because one can add up to six accounts. Each account comes with unlimited cloud DVR. T e s channels like , , and four . , Disney XD, Disney Junior, and will keep any kid (or kid at het) busy for hours. It also comes with a few Spanish-langu channels like and Universo. , , , and e t too, so you won’t miss out on that prestige . (You can find the full of YouTube TV channels .)

to stream Fosse/Verdon


lets you stream full of your favorite and X , including access to every episode of Fosse/Verdon. you need is a login from your cable or live service, including of the services above. 

2) +

After signing up for , you can upgrade to + for $5.99. Joining gives you ely and commercial-free access to shows before they r as well as full of hit shows like Always ny in Philadelphia and cher, and of course, Fosse/Verdon.

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