Hunt for veg lobber as second car damaged by ‘turnip the size of football’ hurled from bridge – Devon Live

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A second has been damaged by a large vegetable which is believed to have been thrown from an overpass above a busy Devon road.

Paula Clifford said a large root vegetable, believed to be a turnip, was hurled from the bridge and hit the front of her car – causing £700 worth of damage.

The incident left her shaking and tearful and she believes if the turnip had gone through her windscreen it would have killed.

It happened in the same spot as a similar incident which we reported yesterday, when a swede damaged ’s Range Rover to the value of £1,000.

It’s understood these two incidents are the latest in a line of damage caused by items including potatoes and rocks that have been thrown at .


Paula, 49, had been driving in her IX35 from Newton Abbot to Paignton on the South Devon Expressway around 9.30pm on November 8.

She said: “I had been driving with cruise control on when it smashed into the front bumper.

“It’s lucky I’d had cruise control on because if my feet had been on the pedals I’m sure I would have crashed.

“At I it was a pumpkin.  It hit the front of the car and then shot off to the .  It caused monster damage, completely annihilated the front bumper.

“If it had hit the windscreen I’d be dead.”

Paula said she drove straight to a friend’s nearby.

She said: “I was in absolute .  I got to my house and just burst into tears – I couldn’t use the phopne to call the because I was shaking so much.”

When she had calmed down Paula inspected the damage and found some of the missile still lodged in her car.

She said: “It was definitely some sort of vegetable, either a swede or a turnip.

“Judging by what was left it must have been very big and hard, about the size of a .”

The vegetable caused £700 worth of damage to Paula’s car, which she has had to claim through her .

She said: “I’ve had to pay a £150 excess and my premium will increase too.

“I reported it to the police but over the last few weeks I’ve seen lots and lots of similar reports on – and the Devon Live’s report yesterday.

“Something has got to be done about this.  I’m too scared to drive that stretch of road at night now in case it happens again.

will be a fatality , it’s scary.”

Anyone with is asked to contact Devon and Police on 101 quoting reference number CR/101314/19.

Yesterday we reported how £1,000 worth of damage had been caused to Steve Anderson’s Range Rover when a swede was thrown from the same bridge.

He said: “If it had gone through my window I’d be dead, I could have been killed.

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“The force of it hitting the car was so I wondered at first if I had hit a person or large .”

Steve is now offering a £250 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to a prosecution in relation to the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting log number 784 of 01/12/2019.

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