‘I can last more than 40 seconds’ – Nollywood actor, Mandinga woos Tonto Dikeh

Fast-rising Perikles Mandinga was born in -Bissau and has been in the industry for many years. He attended in Lisbon, before to the .

He started as a , and has featured on runways, magazines, billboards and . Mandinga won “Rip the ”, a P Diddy produced reality show aired on BET Network.

He has extensive and credits both within the and internationally. His theatre credits Tower of Babel, Insanity and Properly Plucked. He has also featured in Nollywood including Omoge, Adaora, and Tell including some others.

In an , Madinga revealed his plans to gain strong network in the Nollywood industry and make a name for himself. He also talked about his crazy and how he would like to date one of ’s most controversial , Tonto Dikeh.

Who is Perikles Mandinga?

a simple person who lived in two different (Portugal & USA) from an . I like to , and I still play . I like meeting .

What actually informed your decision to full- into acting? And how far do think can ?

From an early age, I knew acting was something that I to do but coming from a traditional , I knew it was going to be a hard task because my wouldn’t accept the idea. He was very hard on me and my . After finishing my studies in Lisbon, I had the to come to the USA to model. I knew that acting was going to be my full-time devotion, not modelling because it was my ’s purpose.

What are those you are bringing to play that possibly stand you out or better still that give you recognition among the big stars we have in industry?

Starting out in a poor African country moving to a European capital and then in I have seen that maybe the big stars have not experienced.

What kind of do you prefer?

I like to play characters that can be genuinely kind, nice guys or roles- those make me harder at their . I like characters that have flaws that can be exploited. Because I have a good sense of , I can build characters that have two sides to their .

Where do you see yourself 5 years from ? What are your personal goals?

In 5 years from now I see myself doing work with that inspired me to get into this .

Which are the you have acted in?

Kiss and Tell, Omoge, Adaora, I Do. All of these are Nollywood produced.

By all standards, what can you do between and Nollywood- which is more relevant to Africans?

Well from my perspective, I see Hollywood as something that has been for so , and now ’s a new kid on the - Nollywood. It is fresh, with new and it’s growing so fast that nothing be in its way. It has a natural and large market eager for new films that it can relate to.

In your , what do you think should be done in terms of for fund and maintaining -class movie productions?

In time, as Nollywood grows, it will be able to its growth, similar in to Hollywood. An thing is to ensure that new, young and upcoming individuals shouldn’t be shut out from participating.

These days, what have you been up to or which project(s) have you been embarking on?

So many things are happening all at the same time, so my hands are full with projects from movies, theatre and other ventures. It is very exciting.

You are quite handsome, you probably would be getting admiration and glances from the folks. How well do you relate with them?

Thank you for the compliment. I have a big sister who always kept me in line. She and taught me to respect everyone. As a result, I have been fortunate to have many female who I trust and have deep friendships with.

Currently in the movie industry, who is your female crush?

That should be Tonto Dikeh. I like her so much and she has a very unique personality. Crazy though but I wouldn’t going into a with her. After all, I can last more than 40 seconds.

What has robbed you of and what doors has it opened for you?

You think I have fame? So far nothing has changed me and likely never will. I am no different than anyone else. I am the same person who gets up each morning to see what the day will offer.

Describe a typical day?

My typical day contains jogging, working out or . I have theatre work with my and go on many auditions. I like going for walks and playing sports. Nothing makes me happier than . I especially like autobiographies lately.

Name one you wouldn’t mind breaking the for?

I can’t break the bank for what I want because it doesn’t exist yet. I would do everything to my sister from from .

Where is at the ?

Home is the place where you’re loved and feel comfortable. Right now I live between , Lisbon and NYC.

Who is your role model and why?

My Dad is my role model and he will always be. He was a and taught me about , morals and love and helping others.

Aside acting, what other things do you have passion for?

I have a strong love of our African continent. I believe in helping my to achieve their full potential. Sometimes I think that is my calling. I am curious about different aspects of business around the world.

Any for your fans out there?

Thank you!! Please keep us going by seeing our movies. You inspire us to keep going with new movies, new . We started from almost nothing and your attendance at our films answered our prayers. Thank you

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