“I Can Raise Kobe bryant From Death If 10% Of His Net Worth Is Given To Me – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, made some shocking claims concerning the of the and his Gianna Bryant who died in an helicopter crash on their way to in saturday.

While the man of was preaching and prophesying to his congregations, he said he is capable of raising Bryant and his daughter from death
He attached some conditions to this…. According to man of God, he can only do so if 10% of Kobe’s net worth is given to him

Prophet Nigel Maisie says as quoted belo
The Lord just took me into the spirit , and I have seen a man fall….This the entire world because of how this man is. I see a lot of on talking about the man for weeks to come and I see a lot of .”

will mourn this great man. The Lord then instructed me to announce to the of this man, the in and the entire world that He the Lord has not sanctioned the death of this man
He again said to me, ‘Nigel, tell of this man and tell the entire world, should they agree to pay my tithes and offerings I will use as a vessel to bring this man and his daughter back to .’”

Prophet Nigel asserted that without the 10% offer, was no way he could bring the man and his daughter back to life because that was the instruction given to him by God Himself.

“The man is worth million dollars and should the family agree to give 10% of his income to me, I will bring them back to life. Thus sayeth the Lord! Without the , I cannot bring him and the little back.”

Prophet Nigel Giasie after making these declarations asked his congregation to pray in tongues and thank the Lord for wanting to use him and their church for such a great miracle.

He went on to admonish the congregation to make sure the reaches the American consulate in Ghana, the family of the late Kobe Bryant, and also warned his congregation not to doubt the of Almighty Jehovah or else face some repercussions.

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