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In a bid to reduce our , confront greenwashing and increase our focus on the , the announced it will no longer run from extractors alongside any of its in print or . The move will come into immediate effect, and follows the announcement in October last year that we intend to reduce our net to zero by 2030.

Once upon a , a newspaper was a straightforward . generated enough material of interest to attract a significant number of readers. then ‘sold’ those readers to advertisers happy to pay to get their , products or in front of consumers with to spend.

Of course, disruption over the past 20 years has upended that , but remains an part of the business ecosystem. At , it is still responsible for about two-fifths of our income.

But what happens when the readers don’t like the adverts? What do you do when the that advertisers want to spread jars awkwardly with the your are doing?

What if your journalists are some of the best in the world at revealing and investigating the deepening climate catastrophe and the disaster that is fossil fuel , while some of your advertisers are the very people digging the stuff out of the ground?

This contradiction has bothered – and some of you – for some time. We came up with a rather bold answer this week: turn away the money and double down on the .

“It’s something we about for a time,” says Anna Bateson, the interim of Guardian Media Group, the Guardian’s company. “We always felt it was in line with our editorial values but were cautious for commercial .”

She said it was the logical step after the Guardian committed last year to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and was certified as a B Corp – a company that puts purpose before profit. But she added that the move had to be weighed carefully, given the fact that the Guardian only recently returned to breakeven after years in the red.

“You have to be careful you are not making cavalier decisions,” she said. “ We are still having to fight for our future. But because of the we get from our readers, it is less of a risk.”

On the advertising of our business, Foley said were no complaints at all that potential customers were suddenly off-limits, adding that staff felt that “being part of a company that shares their values” was the biggest for his teams.

“A statement like this reaffirms to all of us that we’re contributing to a business that really lives those values – to the extent where it is prepared to sacrifice profit for purpose.”

The response from the wider world has been a pleasant surprise. Hundreds of you have written in, pledging your support, and in some cases, one-off contributions to start making up the shortfall. (EDS: See – I’m going to append the best responses . In print you can use as the panel)

The environmental movement was instantly appreciative, with activists quickly urging our peers to follow suit. “The Guardian will no longer accept advertising from and ,” tweeted. “A good start, who will take this further?” called it “a in the battle against oil and for all of us.”

Some readers have been calling for the Guardian to go the whole hog and forsake advertising from any company with a substantial carbon footprint. Bateson said that was not realistic, adding that such a move would result in less money for journalism. She said the fossil fuel extractors were specifically targeted because of their efforts to skew the through their lobbying effort.

“We are committed to advertising,” she said. “It will continue to be part of our future. We want advertisers who want to be appear alongside our high quality journalism.”

And how will we know if this has worked?
“We will listen to our readers, we will listen to our advertisers. The response so far has been gratifying. If we continue to hear noises from our readers and supporters, then it will have been a .”


Responses from our supporters

That is such a brilliant decision and it will be tough, but it is the correct one and very proud of The Guardian. Barbara Syer

Following the Guardian’s decision to ads from fossil fuel companies I’m making a monthly contribution to support its fearless journalism: reader support is essential for independent scrutiny of the powerful in business, and politics. Titus Alexander, ,

I live at present in , to the Tar Sands: another name for ecological devastation resulting from fossil fuel extraction. I fully support The Guardian’s action in ceasing to be a vehicle for advertising by fossil fuel extractive companies, and I’m proud to be a supporter. My monthly donation is small, but when I can I will make it much greater. Rosemary Delnavine, Canada

Congratulations. At this time it be a bold step, indeed, within this industry, but true leaders have to take bold steps for the betterment of the quality of , and more importantly for the of future generations. I applaud this decision, and will spread the word. Raphael Sulkovitz, MA

What a bravery! This is what the life on earth needs, thank you. Karri Kuikka, (EDS: please leave her wonderful Finglish intact!)

Keep it up. in Canada, we’re still trying to have it both ways — sell the product internationally but discourage buying domestically. As I recall, it was the same with tobacco. Eventually, it took a change in opinion to solve the problem. As a source, your efforts are part of this solution. Robert Shotton, Ottawa

I applaud your decision to”walk the talk.” I will therefore continue to contribute to The Guardian. Bob Wagenseil

yr decision to eschew $ from the FFI. Please do continue to hold to the (s) the feet of the deniers and the willfully ignorant. Alonso, , US

I am very happy to hear that . It’s quite courageous on your part, and I’m happy to support you! Have a year ahead, you’ll have my continuous support! Julien Psomas

I completely support your plan to refuse ads from fossils, despite the
financial hit to the Guardian. I have made a donation to help out. Thompson

A very commendable decision, very much in keeping with the Guardian’s position as of issues to leave a better planet for following generations. Richard Vernon, Oxford

Yay! I’m so proud of the Guardian! We can no longer support or fund in any manner the fossil fuel industry if we have any of survival as a civilization on this planet. You’ve taken a courageous and moral step that will hopefully embolden others to join you. Good on you! Best, Carol Ross, Missouri, US

Good decision. I’ll support you as much as I can, which unfortunately is not much as I live on pension only. Keep up the good work, we need it desperately! Ursula Brandt,

I am absolutely delighted by this decision. So many people pledge to do something about Climate Change, but few actually are willing to get and DO it. I am very proud of you as my favourite source of and this only makes a case for me to donate next time to you again. Christiane Gross

It was great what The Guardian is doing re the climate. As a Guardian on-line reader from The I’m going to contribute monthly instead of ‘ and again’. The amount will be relatively small as I do not have a great income. I really hope more of your supporters will do so, because it is really great what you are doing.
With kind regards, Aleida Oostendorp, Netherlands

I congratulate you and your on taking this step regarding fossil fuel companies. The Guardian’s on the and its excellent coverage of related stories and is the major for my support. Well done, and good luck in the future. Deirdre Moore

your about accepting money from fossil fuels. Will contribute more to help make up for the shortfall. Todd Misk

I live on a fixed income with a strict budget so my continuing support of your excellent news organisation represents my commitment to the fight to address climate change. Every step counts. Barbara Hirsch, , US

Only when we speak truth to power can change take place. thank yo for your courageous and expensive decision. Shepherd, Vermont, US

Love your journalism, especially your investigative work and the climate change topic. And with the bold statement about not receiving any more sponsorship from the fossil extracting companies? Well, the already great became even more impressive now. Keep up the good work. Miroslav Řezníček, Czech Republic

Thank you for taking the bold step of refusing advertising from fossil fuel extractive companies. I think it is the right thing to do & hope many more companies do the same. We must all work together if we want to save our planet. It is one of the most important issues of our times. Ginger Comstock, New , US

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