Irregular migration: Death trap for desperate youths, stakeholder warns

By Juliana Agbo,

youths have been urged to shun forms of irregular in for pasture and hard towards the development of themselves and the country.

The outgoing Country , of Hope Project, Dr Lesmore Gibson who gave the charge in an with the Nation in Abuja said hundreds of Nigerians are daily due to of desperation for greener pasture.

Dr Lesmore while noting that the Symbols of Hope Project was initiated by Lutheran to focus on reversing the trend of irregular migration in , said they continue to work with the and relevant stakeholders to permanently curb the .

While explaining that like , , among others have zero tolerance for illegal migration, said many have lost their lives in deserts and the all in quest for greener pasture.

According to him, “many have endangered their lives and many of our young have been buried in the all in their quest for greener pasture.

: Obaseki targets 50 percent reduction in irregular migration, trafficking

are irreversible factors that have forced people to migrate, it could be as a result of conflict or political in some context, but the context in Nigeria is more of economic factors.

“Most of the returnees or victims of migrants smuggling are people who felt that they need to out in of a greener pastures. It is a that is because are working there, but it does not mean people should migrate irregularly.

“We are not condemning migration but we are saying irregular migration is .

Speaking further, Dr Lesmore said in changing the , they have designed some interventions programmes for potential migrants and those who are contemplating on illegal migration.

“Apart from the we carry out, we are working on empowering returnees but with emphasis and attention been placed on potential migrants.

“The returnees need to go through psychological and process, because most of them return brutalized, also they have been violated in different forms.
We want the narrative to change.

“The project have designed interventions for those purposes, the other dimension is engaging in networking because symbols of hope cannot do every thing.

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