Joshua Brown, a key witness in the Amber Guyger murder trial, met the violent death he feared

() lived in constant fear that he could be the next victim of gun violence.

“He said it could have been him,” said , ’s .
Ten days after Brown testified, his fear came true. The 28-year- was shot and killed outside his new Dallas apartment Friday.
No suspects have been arrested. The motive remains unknown.
Brown’s testimony provided key details for the jury, which convicted Guyger of . But it also gave insights into Brown’s personal and his interactions with Jean.

The two men met the day Jean was killed

On the afternoon of September 6, 2018, Brown met Jean for the .
“The leasing came, knocked on our doors,” Brown testified. “It was like they had a noise complaint. And it was around like 2 p.m., which was kind of , because wasn’t no noise.”
When both Brown and Jean — nicknamed “Bo” by his — came out of their apartments, they had their first conversation.
“Me and Bo were both smoking , and we kind of knew that (apartment management) was coming to our because of maybe the scent of the .”

Brown came just in time to hear the gunshots

Brown said he studied interdisciplinary at the University of South and hoped to play after .
But those football aspirations didn’t pan out. Brown was a roofing for a few years and later managed four rental properties.
Joshua Brown
The night his neighbor was killed, Brown left his apartment to part of a Falcons vs. Eagles at a bar.
“My cousin plays for the Falcons, and a friend of mine plays for the Eagles. So I just wanted to make sure I was there to watch the game,” Brown said.
But he decided to go home at halftime. He returned home to his fourth-floor apartment at nearly the same time Guyger walked into Jean’s apartment, mistaking it for her own.
Brown said he was down the hall when he heard the voices of two people who sounded like they were meeting by “surprise.”
Gunshots followed “right after,” Brown said.
later, Brown said, he saw Guyger leave Jean’s apartment and enter the hallway. The was on the phone.
She was “, explaining what happened, what she happened, saying she came in to the wrong apartment,” Brown testified.
Through his peep hole, Brown said he saw the former officer “going back, back and forth on the phone.”
Brown testified he did not hear anyone say anything like, “Stop! !” But he said it was difficult to make out the brief and frantic between Guyger and Jean.

Brown said he heard Jean every morning

Jean, an accountant widely described as and loveable, sang so loudly that neighbors could hear it in the hallway.
Lee Merritt
Brown said he heard Jean sing every morning, before the two ever met in person.
When I come out (to) lock my door, I hear him,” Brown testified. “I heard him singing every morning.”
Jean apparently loved gospel and .
As Brown described his affable neighbor, he began to cry on the witness stand, wiping tears away with his T-shirt.

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