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, ()A fe er abducted in ’s troubled northeast region has been killed, the International Committee of the Cross (ICRC) s Monday.

At least three n ers were killed and three s were inju in the attack.
Boko Haram
The ICRC condemned the killing and s it was “devastated” by the .
    “We e devastated by the of our colleague Sfura,” s Eloi Fillion, of ICRC delegation in .
    “Sfura moved to Rann to selflessly those in need. Our s e with her and d ones at this incibly difficult ,” he added.
    The ICRC s it not comment on the “motives or the detls” surrounding the ’s , and ced for the imte release of the two ers still held by the group.
    “We urge those still hing our colleague Hauwa and Alice: release these . Like Sfura, they e not pt of the fight. They e a and a . They e daughters, a wife, and a m with families that depend on them,” s Fillion.
    “Their families and miss them dely and not give up the hope of seeing them agn . is no or religious that could justify doing any hm to them,” he added.

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    Khorsa was ing in the clinic in Rann with interny displaced in a remote town out Muguri, in ’s troubled north east region.
    Her comes as a local publication reported it had obtned a that showed the er being shot by the militants.
    In the , the insurgents eged the n igno messs and aud it had sent that the ers were still alive, according to the report.
    Boko Haram camp
    The report also stated that the kidners threatened to kill the two remning ers and kidned girl Leah Sharibu, who remns in Boko Ham camp because she reportedly refused to denounce her Christian fth.
      ound 3,000 ers, most of them n nationals, in ’s northeast.
      Boko Haram fighters who have wd a decade- w in the region regully attack such camps with gunmen and suicide bombers.

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