When a Mr. Emeka Omenka and his wife Ifeoma owed their 13-ye- Precious to visit her half-sister in Lekki, they never k it was a decision they would regret the rest of their lives.

Precious, a Junior Secondy (JSS) 3 pupil died on October 25 at the (FMC) Ebute Metta from complications of the beating she egedly received from her er half-sister and her m Seki Eko on October 14.

According to the certificate issued at the , the primy and secondy causes of were A Kidney (AKI) and Cdiopulmony Collapse.

According to the National Kidney , AKI is a sudden episode of kidney flure or kidney that hens within a few hours or a few days and causes a build-up of s in the blood, making it hd for the kidneys to keep the right balance of id in the body.

causes of AKI, the sd, e decreased blood flow to the kidney caused by shock, clotting, bleeding or severe dirhoea, severe ergic reion, overuse of medicines used to uce swelling or relieve from , cs, , and lments.

The teenr went to ’s in Ikota, Lekki on October 12 on the latter’s request.

Omenka sd his 13-ye- was returned on October 16 ing weak with complnts of body s. He sd Precious gave detls of how she was kicked in the stomach, chest and s several s, adding that she was beaten with a mop stick and a cable as well. They tried to relieve the s with anaesics and hot mass.

in ,” he sd. “My het is broken. I do not even k w to stt. finding it so difficult to understand how my er and her m beat up my so ly to the point that she died as a result of wounds she sustned. is my . I had her out of wedlock with one Seki Eko I was in a with. She runs a plour at Oluwole Mket. But was ted by my wife Ifeoma who d her like her own .

“When I t mried to my wife, it was difficult for her to conceive and so she brought up like her own . So, when she came and sd Precious should come to her place in Ikota, we did not have any to deny her request. Her husband lives in Dub. She promised to send her to a private to reciate my wife for taking ce of her.

“Precious went to her place on October 12. It was that weekend that it ed through. Then, on October 14, which was a Monday, it also ed and Precious sd she peed on the bed. That was her offence that made my and her m to descend on her like that.

“When they finished, they brought her back and her at my place in Apapa Road, Ebute Metta. She was complning of body s and nrated what hened to her at her sister’s place in tes. I could not be it and I wept as she was talking.

“My wife and I bought killers that we gave her. My wife was also using hot and cloth to mass her body. We did not k that it was so . When we saw that she was not getting better despite the killers, we decided to take her to FMC because that’s w she was born.

“She was already sing on her body and her m was cleaning it. So, at the , she was rushed to the after the sd she was short of blood. They did so many tests and scans and discove that she was bleeding interny and that her bladder burst too.

“She was in the some days and was booked for . I was busy ound to rse to save my ’s . I even borrowed from and members so that she could be saved but at last we lost her.

did not tell me what hened to my and did not even come to the until her relative from her m’s who s at the FMC ced her to rebe her. That was when she came and spent about N14,000 on my ’s that day.

“I did not to the station then because I was busy ound for my to be alright. But after she passed on…my kinsmen advised I report at the station. I went to Denton Station and Iponri but they t me it did not hen in their jurisdiction and that I should to Lekki to report.

“I just sent a mess to her husband and t him what she did. My wife has been inconsolable since then.

“I want justice for my . I feel very disointed that this hened to my . I want to come and to investigate this case. is my but Precious is also my and she did not deserve to die like that,” he sd.

The m of the deceased t our correspondent she was still in shock over the incident, denying insinuations that Precious might have been ill.

She sd: “My was very y and even ed for her nger ones that day before following . and her m should epln what hened to my . was brought to my when she was 17 and we ted her in the university. I never did any wrong to her and then, she chose to pay me back this way?”

Our correspondent conted for her reion to the egation and she sd she would c back because w she was in a noisy place. After 90 minutes, our correspondent ced agn but she asked, “Who gave the ? I cannot answer if do not say who gave . If e recording me, recording too and we have our ehibits.”

Later, a woman, Tolu Fagbayila who sd she was ’s manr and relations person ced but declined to give her client’s of the .

She insisted on a physical meeting for a way forwd.

Our correspondent t her a physical meeting was not necessy and that ’s reion could be sent through , Whats or by the yer or anyone speaking on her behalf but that was not done.

reportedly t those ound her the teenr died as a result of ruptu endicitis, adding that the was ill before she took her to her .

Efforts to reach her m Seki Eko on her telephone number were unful. Meanwhile, a of advocates has signified interest in the matter following The Nation report of the case.

Mr. Omenka t our correspondent that the advocates have conted and intered him, adding that they also voluntee to take over the case and ensure justice.

Sources at the station sd an order to ehume the teenr’s body would be sought so that autopsy could be conducted.

Bala Elkana confirmed the case was reported at Ajiwe Di in Ajah, adding that the suspects have been rested.

He sd, “The father of the reported the incident at Ajah Station. He sd he has since buried the . We have rested the suspects and the case has been transfer to section of State Criminal and (SCIID) Yaba.”

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