LATISM Business and Equity Crowdfunding Twitter Chat with Special Guest Manny Fernandez


with Special Guest Manny

by Melanie Mendez-

Due to recent laws and regulations have made equity crowdsourcing for owners and entrepreneurs. Equity crowdfunding is the process whereby (.. the ‘crowd’) invest in an - unlisted (a that is not listed on a market) in exchange for shares in that company.

This is big for small business owners. to , this capital raising is especially attractive to “main ” businesses — which have a and engaged customers, but find that aren’ willing, or able to lend to them. This exists in many , and see -based businesses, and pubs, and creative studios and other based taking these models and raising on average about $700,000.

That leads to the question: who is going to fund our Latino-owned businesses? Historically, minority businesses are highly unlikely to be funded by investors.

For our weekly #LATISM Twitter Chat, we be joined by of Dream Funded, an equity crowdfunding platform that allows business owners to raise up to $1M from anyone on , . Fernandez is also the 1st Hispanic to be featured as an investor on a show – Make Me a Millionaire Inventor airing Oct 6th.

Business owners and entrepreneurs (and those aspiring to be)are invited to join us as we discuss equity crowdfunding and what it means for ; challenges of being a business owner and why we ’t see more Latino investors like Fernandez.

Fernandez recently won the Calfifornia Chambers of Commerce of the Year Award. During his acceptance speech, Fernandez regarding equity crowdfunding, “This is what I bringing to you, it is for us to win, it is us coming together, organizing for capital. I have seen it, I know how it works I have the , but I need others who want to use it to raise from their .”

LATISM Business Twitter Chat with Special Guest Manny Fernandez

9 p.m. EST – 10 p.m. EST


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Manny Fernandez, the of DreamFunded, is a investor, group founder, serial and keynote . He has been successful leading his owMannyFernandezn ventures as well as advising other startups on their paths to . Fernandez won the Equity Crowdfunding Award in 2014 for co-founding DreamFunded. He had previously founded in , and he has been an investor with TiE Angels since 2012. Fernandez was named in Inc. Magazine’s of the top 33 entrepreneurs to in 2016 and was named 2014 SF Angel Investor of the Year. He is the 14th most followed Angel Investor on Twitter, with over 100,000 followers.

An international , frequent and panelist for startup demo days, Bay Area corporations, colleges and universities, Fernandez has been a featured guest speaker at: , CNBC Squawk Box (twice), by (), (), , , University, University of Francisco (USF), , !, Plug and , USAWeek in , Global Challenge, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s (CHCC) SharkTank, Startup Grind, AngelHack Global Demo, Startup Weekend and many more.

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