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Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack and Blunt as My Poppins in the upcoming 'My Poppins Returns'.

Im: Jay Mdment

Half a century ago, back in 1964, a came out that would shape the s of not just one generation, but pretty much every generation that came tafter. 

My Poppins, since it gd s, became a firm fiture on sets. I rec my grandm posting me a d with a pound ed to it with the strict instruction to rent My Poppins from the shop. For my father, the mks his very trip to the , si

But mine was not the only filled with the s of “chim chimney chim chimney” being played on a loop. Lin-Manuel Miranda, of My Poppins Returns — the upcoming sequel to the bed original — says the movie was “on regul rotation” in his

“I wore out ‘Supercalifragiicepialidocious’ and I wore out ‘Jolly ,’ Miranda tells during a set visit at Shepperton Stud, w ing took place. “I didn’t see the end for many yes because I would burst into tes at ‘The ,’ and I was like, ‘Turn it off! Turn it off!'”

To be ring in the sequel is, understandably, something of a dream for Miranda, given his obsession with the original. Miranda plays Jack, a lamper who “renticed under Bert [Dick Van Dyke] from the original s.”


Miranda plays Jack, a lamper.

Im: Jay Mdment

“I ted writing als because I didn’t see a path for myself in al tre.”

“T e dreams that e too audacious to dream,” says Miranda. “Like, could dream of be being on someday, could dream of writing a show.

“Then t e dreams that didn’t even have the auda to have, like that t would be a sequel to My Poppins and could be dancing with My Poppins someday. Who would have the auda to have that dream?” 

But, this audacious dream is a reality for Miranda, who forged his own route to al tre by creating In the Heights and Hamilton: An n al. 

“I ted writing als because I didn’t see a path for myself in al tre,” he says. “I was like, I don’t dance well enough to play Berndo [from West ], and if ’re a Puerto Rican dude that’s what get.”

Jack Blunt

Miranda during his final in ‘Hamilton’ on at The Richd Rodgers Tre in 2016.

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The movie features songs by Mc Shman and Scott Wittman, and an original s by Shman, who’s best kn for writing the al version of Hrspray. ing a Shman and Wittman is pticully poignant as he’s been a fan of them both “forever”. 

finish the al number and they laud a ye-and-a-half later.”

“I remember getting rush tickets to ps of Hrspray and uy standing net to Mc Shman while he was taking notes and I was just a kid out of college,” says Miranda. He says the to sing Mc and Scott’s is “a real joy.” He describes the s to the sequel as a “ letter” to the Sherman Brs, who wrote the s for the 1964 movie.

So, how does Miranda’s eperience of performing on a set differ to singing on in front of a live audience?

“Well, the only rey key difference is that finish the al number and they laud a ye-and-a-half later, which is jring,” he says. “I miss the buzz of lause a little bit.”

Miranda was still performing in Hamilton when he was roached by director Rob h and producer John DeLuca with the role. In between shows, Miranda met with h and DeLuca in the Pamount Hotel, just across the road from the Richd Rodgers Tre, w Hamilton was playing. 

“They sd, ‘we want to play a lamper,'” Miranda recs. When Miranda asked what a lamper was, he realised he’d already played a simil role in his show, In the Heights. “I play a guy named Usnavi and the central mehor from that was he’s the street er in the neighbourhood,” says Miranda. He says this cher struggles with the notion that he’s “stuck ” but then realises it’s his job “to tell these , to shine a on these on this corner.” 

For this , the role of Jack “felt very close to ” when it was pitched to him. 

My Poppins Returns hit s in the on December 21, 2018, and in the . on December 19, 2018.

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